Trevor Bauer was ready to join the Mets after the merch fiasco: ‘I’m done’

If it weren’t for his agent, Trevor Bauer might have been a Met.

Rachel Luba did not convince the NL Cy Young Award winner to sign with the Dodgers, but told him to reconsider his decision amid frustration at the premature appearance of merchandise on his website suggesting he would sign with the Mets.

“It’s over, I’m done,” Luba remembers that Bauer told her on the Barstool podcast “Starting 9”. “Call the Dodgers, it’s done. It’s going to be the other team. ”

The “other team” were the Mets. According to Luba, Bauer felt guilty that the merchandise was out there.

“I can’t do that to a fan base,” he told her. “The decision has been made.”

Before informing the team of his decision, Luba told him to take a walk and think more carefully, and not to decide based on a mistake that was not his.

Trevor Bauer Dodgers Mets
Trevor Bauer pitching in a Dodgers spring training game on March 1, 2021.
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When they spoke 10 minutes later, Bauer had changed his mind. He was going to play for the Dodgers and sign a three-year, $ 102 million contract, avoiding the Mets’ three-year offer with a potential value of $ 105 million.

The Post’s Joel Sherman reported last month that in the last 24 hours of Bauer’s free agency, the Mets believed they had struck a deal with Bauer.


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