Trevor Bauer ripped Shapes “Chirping” after his last start

Cincinnati Reds, man. He is sure that the Chicago Cubs dislike the “tweet”. Also, they really like to use the word “chirp”.

With the Cubs ‘bench another Red starter thrown over Anthony Rizzo and after the Reds broadcaster caught up about the Cubs’ attitude, it was Trevor Bauer’s turn – later – to dominate the Cubs the previous night.

Bauer is not one to be shy with Chirp His own, and he waved at the Cubs’ back as he left the game.

“It’s funny, I agreed to give them props,” said Bauer. “They actually kept chirping all night and shouting at me all night. Usually when they get behind, they stop real quick. I mean, even when I was taken out, they were yelling ‘goodbye’ at me. I gave him a nice little wave and some other stuff because it was impressive that you could pinch on someone, when he screamed for your ** 7 7/3 innings. So lean on them.

Bauer is a polarizing figure between players and agents in the game, in the front offices, and among fans. Many times he likes his frankness, and his understanding that the game needs to connect with fans more personally, but many others have legitimate beef with his many comments and mannerisms. my? I also don’t like that he ripped Astro two years ago, stating that to add 400 RPM to your fastball is to cheat with grip enhancers, and then popped by 400 RPM in his fastball this year. has gone.

At this particular event, though, I don’t really have much beef. It comes off as unnecessarily aggressive and a bit insecure, but hey, the Cubs chirp, and Bauer dominates. he would say.