Travis Scott reports for a crowded McDonald’s publicity stunt

Travis Scott’s Going to a McDonald’s restaurant in Downey, California, fans were treated to a treat. Police, not so much.

Scott has been fined for allegedly shutting down promotions, which collected scores of fans, but did not have the required permits.

The video of the stunt shows that Scott’s fans were not too bothered by social-troubles, and many did not wear masks.

The Scott and Berger chain apparently did not approve the paperwork or film required for a gathering of 200 or more.

According to reports, the “Seiko Mode” artist was staggered with a fine of $ 200. His representatives are yet to respond.

Scott closed the chain’s third-oldest location on Florence Avenue by McDonald’s to publicize its new “signature” meal: a quarter-pounder with cheese, bacon and salad, with a middle order of fries to dip. For BBQ Sauce and Sprite. .

While it has clearly proved to be such a hit, the series is said to experience a nationwide scarcity component.

As an extension of their partnership, Trav is tapping a digital single “franchise” with a price of just 69 cents, and has dropped several waves in its capsule merch collection.

Cactus Jack’s final release for McDonald’s is now available for 48 hours at

Scott and McDonald are supporting charitable organizations during the month-long program.

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