Travis Kelce is on the verge of setting a single-season record for receiving yards by tight end

Travis Kelce is on the verge of breaking the single-season receiving the record for yards for tight ends.

With 1,318 receiving the title in the tilt of the Atlanta Falcons vs. Sunday, the TE of Kansas City Chiefs needs 60 yards to break the record set by George Cuttle in 2018 (1,377).

“If you look at the history and you look at the season there are tight ends, he’s one of the best as he catches the ball and is a playwright on offense,” quarterback Patrick Mahomes claimed his teammate, Per ESPN. “He speaks for himself.

“This is truly a special season for a tight end and not just from a tight end but just a player, game changer.”

With 94.1 yards per game, Kelce is poised to destroy the record. The same year that the current mark was set in the kettle, Casey Tee netted 1,336 yards, putting him in second place. With production this season, Kelsey became the only tight end in NFL history with more than 1,300-plus seasons gained over multiple seasons. He is also the only TE in NFL history with more than 1,000 receiving yards in 5 seasons (Kelsey has done so in each of the last 5).

Kellus credits his unique athleticism, which allows him to be open where other tight ends end his size struggles.

“Being able to get a bigger body to change direction, I think it’s huge,” Kelce said. “I don’t think there are too many tight ends involved. I gained a lot from playing hockey, being able to play in and out of skates when I was younger, as well as on the basketball court. My feet in the ground and crossovers. Able to keep.

“Just being able to incorporate other sports into my game has definitely helped me.”

Kelce also has 98 receptions in 2020, five shy of his own Chiefs for the same season (103 in 2018) and two receptions shy of becoming the first TE in NFL history with more than 100 receptions in multiple seasons.

The pro bowler has earned 8-plus receptions in each of his last seven games, the longest streak since at least 1950, according to NFL Research.

Kelce currently ranks second in yards, just six behind Deirdre Hopkins. If he can leap wide, Kelsey could become the CFL’s first tight end to lead the NFL for the season.

Kelce has always been a productive player, but the 31-year-old has reached another level with the unofficial play of Mahomes and Andy Reid’s friendly plan to build an unstoppable force. The TE can introduce smaller defenders, draw streaks past larger, slower players, and find gaps in any defense. His association with Mahomes on broken plays is magical.

“The biggest thing in terms of the route for me is knowing what’s in the defense, knowing the coverage,” he said. “Once you know the coverage, you can now start manipulating the defense. You can start them in the kind of move you are about to go and where you want to open up.”

Kailas can open with ease in their position of vanity. On Sunday, he could set a single-season record for his position, putting his seal on NFL history.

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