Traveling from Singapore coronovirus leads to domestic tourism as the region reels

Singapore – Singapore is turning to domestic tourism as its borders are largely closed to foreign tourists due to coronovirus.

“The tourism sector in Singapore was really badly affected as a result of this epidemic,” Singapore Tourism Board President Chali Mah said on Tuesday at the Singapore Summit.

Singapore started the year with 1.69 million visitors in January – an increase of 1.62 million from the same month a year earlier. However, as authorities sought to control the spread of coronovirus outbreaks, travel restrictions were imposed. He said that immigration controls reduced the number by about 99% year-on-year in recent months.

“Given that we are a small country and we do not have the benefit of domestic travel, all we are trying to do now is to encourage Singapore,” said Mah.

Authorities are trying to make some reduction in tourism revenue to entice Singaporeans to visit attractions in their own country.

As our borders are still closed, the idea of ​​flying is nowhere, a cruise to a small city-state for Singapore is an interesting idea anywhere.

Chali Mah

Chairman of Singapore Tourism Board

Singapore travelers generated nearly $ 34 billion ($ 25 billion) in tourism-related expenses abroad last year, and the goal is to capture about 10% of that amount from domestic travelers, Mah told CNBC’s “Street Signs” . According to information provided by the Singapore government, tourists from Singapore spent 27.7 billion Singapore dollars ($ 20.4 billion) in receipts last year.

The Singapore Tourism Board launched the Singapo Ricecovers Campaign in July to encourage Singapore residents to spend on hotels, food and attractions.

The government also announced that it would distribute 320 million Singapore dollars. “Tourism loan” to residents to drive local spending in domestic travel.

“The idea is that Singapore people and local residents have asked to see some of our local tourist destinations and Singapore again,” Mah said.

“For us to be an authentic experience for our tourists in Singapore, we have to have our own Singaporeans to experience some of these local attractions so they can tell an authentic story when they relate it to tourists, “He said.

People wearing face masks as a preventive measure during the Kovid-19 Crisis along Marina Bay Sands, across the Marina Bay Sands, as a preventive measure.

Maverick Asio | SOPA Images | Lighterket | Getty Images

The country has many attractions and experiences that “Singaporeans have, but never visited.”

He said the tourism board is exploring cruises to boost cruise traffic. It is also said about Singapore Airlines that it is considering flights going nowhere.

“As our borders are still closed, the idea of ​​flying is nowhere, the cruise is nowhere an interesting idea for a small city-state like Singapore,” Mah said.

Meanwhile, Singapore has made reciprocal green lane travel arrangements with several countries including China and Malaysia. They currently cater mainly to business and official travelers.

The city-state will gradually reopen its borders to more international travelers in a “deliberate and calibrated manner”.