Transgender Model Leyna Bloom Makes Sports Illustrated History

Leyna Bloom is seen outside the Longchamp show during New York Fashion Week on February 8, 2020.

Leyna Bloom is seen outside the Longchamp show during New York Fashion Week on February 8, 2020.
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Like the blooming flower that she is, model, actress, and activist Leyna Bloom has made Sports Illustrated history! Bloom is the first black and Asian transgender woman to appear in the magazine’s next issue. annual swimsuit problem, which was first published in 1964.

“This is what appears to be in full bloom,” Bloom, a Chicago native, posted on Instagram, following the news. “Thank you @si_swimsuit for allowing me to show my heavenly form. My spirit has reached new levels. This moment is bigger than my wildest infinite dreams. Right now, I am a representation of all the communities that I grew up in and all the communities in which I am planting seeds ”.

By Sports Illustrated:

Leyna Bloom first gained recognition in the ballroom community and is now single-handedly changing the world of modeling. In 2017, she made headlines for being one of the few overtly transgender models to walk the runway during New York Fashion Week and was the first transgender woman of color to appear in Vogue India. Just two years later, she was the only transgender model to walk the runway at Paris Fashion Week for the Tommy Hilfiger x Zendaya Fall / Winter collection.

“[Leyna’s] The story represents one based on resilience and we couldn’t be more excited to help tell it, ”wrote a Sports Illustrated spokesperson on a statement to CNN. “Her presence as the first trans woman of color to appear in our issue is the result of her life’s dedication to forging her own path that has led to acceptance, love and change. She represents the right of all people to love themselves and be who they want to be. “

More information on this historic moment, via CNN:

Bloom, who is black and Filipino, is only the second transgender woman to appear in a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Last year, the Brazilian model Valentina Sampaio became the first. Bloom told CNN Style that being on the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue “is an incredible feeling and achievement,” but added that “there is still a lot of work to be done to achieve greater representation.”

Word. Bloom is absolutely used to making history as she also recently starred in Port Authority, which was the first film starring an openly trans woman of color to be selected by the Cannes Film Festival (2019). The film marked Bloom’s acting debut on the big screen, which seems to be just the beginning for the actress who is all about visibility.

“We need to constantly remind ourselves that we must protect those people in our society who are destined, who are different, who are beautiful only themselves to go out and do what they are destined to do, which is to challenge society to make it better for everyone. . more, ”said Bloom. Juju Chang of Bloom ABC during its appearance in Good morning america on Tuesday.


The swimsuit edition 2021 SI hits the kiosks in July.


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