Transcript: “Face the Nation,” January 10, 2021, on Senator Roy Blunt

The following is a transcript of an interview with Missouri Senator Roy Blunt that aired on “Face the Nation” on Sunday, January 10, 2021.

MARRARET BRENNAN: We now want to go to Missouri Republican Senator Roy Blunt, he heads the congressional committee that oversees the inauguration and outgoing chairman of one of the two committees investigating security disturbances last Wednesday. Good morning to you, senator.

Senator Roy Blunt: Good morning, Margaret.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Senator, we have received sad news this morning from the Capitol Hill Police that another officer has died. It has been described as an off-duty death. Do you know that this week’s events are related?

SEN BLUNT: You know, I don’t know. Officer Siknik, now Officer Lebengad, both had their lives ended – this week. I would be interested to find out if there was any connection with Officer Libengad. But mostly I am interested in reaching both these families. These are the people we saw every day, especially Officer Lebengad, who was assigned a lot to the Senate side of the building. And, you know, you have that loss. You have the deaths of four other people who have become involved in something they should not have been involved in at all. And it was a tragedy, even if it was limited only to that. But then when you see it all over the world, you- the citizens of the United States invade the Capitol of the United States, certainly something I thought I would never see. And I’m glad that we came back to the Capitol and finished our work that day, where we were going to work to send that signal. But signs around the world could not be more helpful to our opponents. It was a sad and terrible day in the history of the country.

MARGARET BRENNAN: I think we agree with you on that, sir. I appreciate your kind words about these special officers. I have to ask you, however, about some of the images that have also been introduced around the world, which are among the few officers who appear to allow them to remove barriers for rioters. There are reports that some actually gave information. Where to find some congressional offices. Is there any indication of involvement or complicity of members of the Capitol Police?

Sen. BLUNT: No, no. And I am offended by any feeling that the Capitol Police did not push back, get out there to fight back and first stand between the building and then the people in the building where they are for protection. Now, Senator Klobuchar and I have announced that we are going to look into this, both the plan and what support was imminent. Certainly the support of the DC Police was quick and incredibly helpful. I know the mayor is coming later today. they were here. He was here almost immediately when asked. I think we have to think about why the National Guard did not get here early, but the Capitol Police fought back. You can do anything by watching the film, not knowing what you are talking about. I know that when you are overwhelmed in law enforcement, one of the things you do is try to withdraw and regroup, –

Margaret Breton: Right.

Sen. BLUNT: – Surround yourself instead of receiving only. Senator Const is later. He and I formed the Law Enforcement Caucus–

Margaret Breton: Right.

Sen. BLUNT: – When we came to the Senate 10 years ago. Hum- We see these officers often. We reach them more than the members who reach them. They are putting their lives in line every day, –

Margaret Breton: Yes.

Sen. BLUNT: – Especially last Wednesday. And I express my deepest displeasure at any suggestion that these officers did not do everything they could.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Two Republican senators have now called for the president to resign. What him?

Sen. BLUNT: Well, it would depend on that, but my view would be that what the president should do is now the last 10 days of his presidency.

Marg Breton: Not so?

Sen. BLUNT: No.

Margaret Breton: Your fellow Republicans have been quite important, including Liz Cheney, including Mitt Romney, who called it a rebellion and said the president was directly involved. The affidavits of the Department of Justice state that those people came here because the President had told them- them. Is the President a threat to the country?

Sen. BLUNT: Well, I think the president’s decision on that day and his actions and leading up to that day on the subject were clearly negligent. I said that very early on Wednesday evening, that it was a sad day – there was some involvement between the country and the president. but–

MARGARET BRENNAN: Are Republican leaders holding them responsible for this in any way?

Sen. BLUNT: Well, I think that is the right way to hold the country presidents accountable. In the next 10 days, the President should be very careful that his behavior is what you would expect from the leader of the world’s greatest country. Now, my personal view is that the President touched the hot stove on Wednesday and is unlikely to touch it again. And if that’s the case, I think we- we meet- every day, we get closer to the last day of his presidency. We should think more about the first day of the next presidential term, than I think on the last day of his presidency. And I will be there that day as the President of the program wherein the new President will be seen taking oath. – President Trump says he is not coming.

Margaret Bryan: Yes.

Sen. BLUNT: I ​​hope Vice President Pence does, and I feel proud to see him as Vice President because I stood with him as one of the four members of Congress who count those electoral ballots and legislation. We need to do.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Okay, but your fellow Missouri senator Josh Mansion was on that side. Do you think he was entangled with five other senators who continued to propagate the lie, that there might be a change in the election results on Wednesday?

Sen. BLUNT: Well, I only have one vote in the Senate, which is my vote. Now I did — the day Senator Hawley announced that he would fight those electoral votes, declaring I would not. When Senator Cruz said that he had a plan to put the case in place like a commission set up in 1877-

Margaret Breton: Right.

Sen. BLUNT: – I said it will not happen. I’m not – I couldn’t be then or now. I wasn’t interested in spending a lot of time on things–

Marg Breton: So no approval?

Sen. BLUNT: – Injustice like impeachment- Like the impeachment of the President, he is clearly not going to be in office anymore and the last day to remove him from office. And that’s another thing –

MARGARET BRENNAN: So you don’t support – you don’t believe he committed an impenetrable crime?

SEN BLUNT: I ​​don’t think there’s anyone — that’s not really the question. The question is–

MARGARET BRENNN: Well, that’s my question.

Sen. BLUNT: – Any- There- any- Well, I am giving you my answer. Is there any possibility that he could possibly be removed between now and January 20? And if there are no additional upcoming events, I believe there is no possibility.

Margaret Breton: Okay.

SEN BLUNT: And so, as Nancy Pelosi said, and as Jim Clyb said–

Margaret Bryan: Yes.

Sen. BLUNT: – After today, it is the President’s long-term sentence –

Margaret Breton: Yes.

Sen. BLUNT: – An attempt is being made to remove him from office only then-

Marg Breton: That’s right.

Sen. BLUNT: – Control over politics and the government’s defense is left behind.

Marg Breton: All right. We will see if you have a different answer in the new Congress. Sir, thank you for your time this morning.


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