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Trainer puts lipstick on Beluga Whale to make it prettier

A coach of a marine park was seen to put carmine on a beluga whale to make it more beautiful for park visitors. The people, however, reacted negatively and condemned the park by the act.
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A video shows a parks trainer putting lipstick on a beluga whale to make it prettier for visitors. She kisses and rides the animal too.

The incident occurred in the Sun Asia Ocean World Marine Park, located in the city of Dalian, in the province of Liaoning, northeastern China.

The park has removed the video from its website and apologized to the people who were condemning the act. The park ensured that its staff would undergo animal protection training to increase their knowledge of the proper handling of animals. However, PETA Asia issued a critical statement regarding the park's practices.

Making The Beluga Whale Prettier

In the video, the trainer tells the beluga that she is getting "prettier and pretty" while continuously applying the lipstick on the beluga whale. You can even see the woman laughing while she paints the lipstick in the mouth of the whale.

Beluga whales are already classified as endangered species. They are found mainly in the Arctic and subarctic regions, but the Chinese marine park has four beluga whales at their disposal.

Reports say that these four beluga whales were well maintained and kept healthy. The park, however, did not escape the criticism of PETA Asia.

PETA Asia Issuance Statement

PETA Asia said the incident showed that Sun Asia Ocean World is not well informed about how captive whaling should be managed. The group encourages the park to send the whales to sanctuaries that are more prepared to care for them.

The group emphasized that marine mammals are in fact suffering when park visitors touch them and trainers ride them. Being in captivity already puts the animals in misery. In this case, the possible harmful ingredients of the lipstick added to the agony of the beluga.

PETA Asia also highlighted the fact that while visitors were delighted to see animals in marine parks and went home with pleasant memories, experience is the opposite of animals.

Most captive whales die before their counterparts that live in their natural habitat. Beluga whales also navigate the oceans using their sonar waves, a private capacity of them while they are inside the aquarium, where they are forced to swim in endless circles.

PETA Asia noted that lipstick may contain ingredients harmful to animals. The statement also mentioned how rats, mice and rabbits are used during the testing of cosmetic products.

"Do not forget that there is no reason why someone should put lipstick on a beluga whale, or any other animal for that matter," the statement says.

Toxic metal in lipstick

In 2013, a study by researchers at the School of Public Health at the University of Berkeley found that 32 lipstick and lip gloss marks contained traces of harmful metal compositions. The brands, commonly purchased in pharmacies and shopping centers, contain lead, cadmium, chromium and aluminum. Some of the brands even contained chemical levels that could already cause health problems.

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