Trail Blazers 116, Knicks 113: Emmanuel Quickley’s almost-saved scene from the game

The Knuckles’ 116-113 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers was a lot to hate about. The tremendous knock defense is believed to have given 70 points in the first half, and they collected 20 points in the competition. Defensive Dynamo who is Elfried Peyton (sarcastic vigilance) could not stop Damien Lillard, who had 15 points in the first quarter. That badly ex-nike ance Kanter outpaced Mitchell Robinson and even made some good saves on Julius Randle.

But forget all that for a moment, and let’s focus on Emmanuel Quickly. Pretty much every Knicks fan is calling for Quickly to start, and on Sunday night he showed why his 20-point comeback came with a 31-point performance.

Wisdom was the beast from beyond the arc, shooting 5-8.

He shot 8-8 on free throws thanks to some clever foul-drawing skills.

He had 4 assists, and could have a lot more… I counted three excellent lubes that were different from the hands of various Nux Biggs, specifically Nerlens Noel. When IQ was finally able to play with Mitch, the results were magical.

This is what we wanted – competitive games with children that show real growth. I want to see more from the rest of the team next time – and I would like for them to leave Elfried Peyton in Portland – but IQ looks like a keeper.

Matt Miranda had some issues watching the game, but we promise you he will be there again on a rough day tomorrow. Till then take some rest.

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