Tower record rocket from mausoleum

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If you are of a certain age and cultural predetermination, You will remember the tower record with great passion. Founded in 1960, the store was a bulwark against normality for years and probably one of the best places to buy vinyl, tapes, CDs, books, and merch for all your favorite pre-Spotify bands. When it died 14 Many years ago, It seemed like the end of an era.

Now, thanks to the magic of the Internet, Tower Records is back. Are they bringing stores back, you ask? Will i be able to get a copy of a zine and unknown PleasuresThe No. The new Tower Record is a website originally dedicated to vinyl and CDs, And the new CEO, Danny Zizdale, sees it as a way for the Instagram generation to overcome their melancholy itchiness.

The company also added a blog named Pulse!, That, dare I say it, reminds me of the long-dead SPIN magazine. Maybe it has some legs?

Illustration for the article titled Tower Record Rocket from the Tomb

Screenshot: Tower records

To be abundantly clear, The site is not a media warehouse that was once a tower. A few pages of classic vinyl and CDs are available for each genre and some branded merchandise. Actually, the tower is betting on the nostalgia market, Which can usually be counted up to a few million in sales.

The new site certainly doesn’t match the feeling of walking into a crowded record store and going through thousands of discs while “Dry rain “ Explosion on a set of speakers, But who cares about how we get our vinyl in our slow decline in late stage stage dystopia at this point?


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