Tour de France Stage 4 – Live Coverage

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100 km to go

The Golmaal covers a distance of 100 km immediately after starting the third category of climbing.

About the break Col du Festre (7.6 km, 5.3 percent) is about to begin, the first climb of the day.
A quick video highlight of that intermediate sprint from the pelvis:

103 km to go

Bennett hit 70kph in that intermediate sprint after Michael Morkov jumped from the wheel. It was a fast.

Bennett then took the green color from Sagan. He was five points behind Slovakia, but made those points there.
Nizzolo, Coquard and Trentin also scored a few points. Many riders – Ivan, Greppel, Bol – were nowhere.
Bennett took nine points for seventh place. Sagan was the sixth man in the palon at number six, boxed with him after a wild effort, four points for him, then.
Total Direct Energy leads the way in Sprint. Sagan sits at the wheel of Bennett.
Sam Bennett and Peter Sagan are in front of the peloton in anticipation of the sprint.
Pollitt led the brakes on the sprint ahead of Buruguede and Benute.

At one point down nine points on the offer of the peloton.

111 km to go

2 km to go to the sprint. 3:10 between break and peloton. No real change in status.

First peak finale of the Tour de France: A lightning climb – Preview

While Orcières-Merlette has the honor of finishing the 2020 Tour de France’s first summit for Stage 4 on Tuesday, in a sense it would not be very important if it missed the route for another two or three decades. And this is because whatever happens today, when it comes back to 1971 on a wider scale of events, it is very, they are unlikely to match.

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121 km to go

3:25 between the break and the peloton. There is 11 km to go to the intermediate sprint, so we should see Sagan and jump away from Pelton from there.

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Riders are peeling off the peloton for a nature break. There is no concern in the main group.
The wind, however, is not very strong, so there is no risk of major splits in the Pedotan here.
The wind is blowing on these flat roads and the peloton is flowing in single file under high speed in front.
Some analysis of yesterday’s phase courtesy of our colleagues in Cycling magazine:

Tour de France Stage 3 analysis: Evan proves 2019 was no fluke

Tour de France 2020 107th Edition 3G Nice Sistron 198 km 31082020 Caleb Ivan Aus Lotus Saudal Sam Bennett IRL Deununinck Quick Step Photo Kei TsuzibetiniPhoto 2020

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134 km to go

Not a ton is going on right now. The intermediate sprint comes with 109 km.

The UAE team queues behind Emirates Dissenink-Quickstep and Jumbo-Wisma.
Early today, Julian Alfalippe:

“This is a good phase today and it is another day for me to enjoy wearing yellow jerseys. Closing won’t be a walk in the park, but I will do everything to maintain the yellow jersey.

“Some favorites for GC would be happy if I would be in the lead for a long time, but others like Adam Yates who are only four seconds down would love to capture me. Anyway, the end of the tour is still a long way. Have to decide. Away… “

Vuillermoz, who landed 3:53 this morning on Elafilip, is now the virtual leader of the race. The brakes are currently 4:10 on the road.
Tim Diklersk and Remy Cavagna are the men on the front for DeSkink-Quickstep. Jumbo-visma lurks just behind the pair

144 km to go

3:50 for the break. It is a sunny day in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence department.

Delskink-Quickstep is fronted with two men, leading the peloton. His team leader Julian Alfilipay wears yellow today.
A good job by the Israeli start-up Nation to get the two men in their first Tour de France, here in the break. This is a chance for the group to stay away until the hard end, though…
Now 3:30 to the breakway. They are definitely our six for today.

156 km to go

The six-man group is already one minute on the road. Not much of a fight for a break, then…

Alexis Vuillermoz (AG2R La Mondial), Quentin Pacher (B&B Hotels-Vital Concept) are also there, while Matthew Bargudeau (Total Direct Energy) also produced it.
Five riders have jumped immediately. Christ Neelands and Nils Polit (Israel start-up nation) are there, as is Tis Benut (Team Sunweb).

160 km to go

and here we go. Christian Prudhome dropped the flag and the director’s car is away.

There is a 2.5 km ride from the town of Sistron before the flag drops and racing takes place.
Now we are coming in just a few minutes.
Look a little down from day one of them, Nairo Quintana of Arkesa-Samsik …

Today will be the first big chance for the GC favorite to leave his mark. Initial summits usually occur in quieter cases than anticipated, with the GC crossing the line with a larger group of men. Will things be different today?

Today we will have five hikes on the menu, at the conclusion of the first class summit.

Col du Festre: 7.6 km, 5.3 percent

Cote de Corps: 2.2 km, 6.3 percent

Côte de l’Algnier: 3 km, 6.4 percent

Cote de Saint-Leger-les-Séges: 2.8 km, 6.8 percent

Orquières-Merlet: 7.1 km, 6.7 percent

If you missed yesterday’s action, then we have Comprehensive phase report Look here as well Step 3 highlights.

Lotto Saudal sprinter Caleb Ivan won with a dazzling sprint finish at yesterday’s Sistron. He is still very happy about it, but today is far from a day for him.

We are about 35 minutes from the stage debut at Sistron. Commencement festivities are underway, while proper starts will be made at 13:30 local time, five minutes after the roll out of the city.

Hello and welcome to the CyclingNews Live coverage of Stage 4 of the Tour de France, the first summit finale of the race of Oriseres-Merlet.