Toronto’s strip club faces closure for shutting down after another Kovid outbreak in a month. world News

Officials in Canada’s largest city are calling for the closure of strip clubs after the outbreak of another Kovid-19 associated with such an establishment in less than a month.

Over the weekend, Toronto’s public health unit identified seven cases involving Club Paradise, attended by hundreds of patrons in recent weeks.

The outbreak subsided for less than a month, as 550 people feared exposure to the virus at another club brass rail, as an employee tested positive for Kovid-19.

“You have to ask yourself the question, why keep these places open?” Toronto Mayor John Tory told CP24 News. Strip clubs have been allowed to operate in the province since July as part of the reopening of Ontario’s phased business.

Club Paradise had six case employees, and one patron. But contactors have been unable to contact the nearly 300 people who were present at the club during a period in which staff were contagious.

While Club Paradise maintained a logbook of patrons to assist with contact tracing, public health officials found that many had provided incorrect or incomplete information.

“Think of a time when public health officials tried to track down all these people, in many cases with fairly obvious fake phone numbers,” Tory said.

The city’s public health said patrons considered the risk low, but advised customers to test and self-isolate. City inspectors previously found that the club was in compliance with all operating protocols.

Calls for the club went unanswered on Monday, but a sound message said that it was planned to reopen on 26 September.

The outbreak comes amid an increase in new coronovirus cases throughout Ontario and hospitalization. On Monday, the province registered 313 new cases – the highest since June.

“We can feel with the epidemic, but the epidemic has not happened to us” Tweeted City Councilor Josh Matlow. “It supports the closure of strip clubs (for a variety of reasons), as long as possible, warm outdoor patties to follow public health advice, reduced school class sizes and supporting bars and restaurants by allowing all of us Do. ”