Top Trump aide Derek Lyons to leave White House this month

White House staff secretary Derek Lyons, one of whom President TrumpDonald Trumphogan on Republicans Who Won’t Accept Election Results: ‘They’re Off the Runway’ Biden Rips After Electoral College Vote After Trump Rejects Top GOP Senators Vote Biden as President-Elected College Vote acceptedA White House official confirmed on Tuesday that she is his closest aide later this month.

Lyons has played a number of roles in the White House over the years, becoming a close confidant of Trump in the process. He replaced Rob Porter as staff secretary in 2018 after Porter left following allegations of domestic abuse.

Lyons in his role as staff secretary delegated the flow of information to the president. He was reportedly considered as the head of the Domestic Policy Council earlier this year, but the job eventually went to Brooke Rollins. Lyons was promoted to the presidency as a counselor, around the same time Rawlins came to that job.


Bloomberg News first reported on Leon’s imminent exit.

“It is an honor and privilege to work for President Trump in the White House and fight for the American people with truly talented and dedicated allies,” Lyons told the news outlet. “I am deeply grateful to the President for the opportunity to serve.”

It is unclear if Leon had planned to leave if Trump won a second term, but he is one of the few top-level officials who refuses to be out of the presidential election.

White House Communications Director Alyssa Farah resigned in early December and from Attorney General William BarrHill’s morning report to Bill Barruber to step down as attorney general – submitted by MasterCard – today: Vaccine distribution begins, Electoral College gets. Hunter Biden wants to investigate details on investigation, Burma: report and The administration will take effect next week.


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