Top Spot Stories of the Week!

A NASA mission to Mars will be listening for the latest Red Planet Rover landing, the CIA releases thousands of DFLF-related UFO-related documents and embarks on a new multi-year voyage into the solar system, a Japanese asteroid-study spacecraft. These are some of the top stories from this week.

Blue Origin successfully launched and landed its advanced spacecraft.

Blue Origin’s first upgraded New Shepard rocket and crew capsule launched on an unpublished suborbital flight from the company’s West Texas test site on January 14, 2021. (Image credit: Blue Origin)

On Thursday (January 14), Blue Origin successfully launched the reusable RSS First Step spacecraft from West Texas in an unbreakable suborbital test flight. It is the first advanced New Shepard spacecraft for astronauts, and both its rocket and capsule were successfully touched upon launch. Blue Origin is developing New Shepard to take people and payloads into sub-space and back.

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