Top Legends Season 8: New Legend, Weapon, Release Date Announced

Top legends‘The eighth season, Scramble, will go live on February 2, and will feature the 16th Legend of the Battle Royal game: Fuse, announcing the start of developer Response Entertainment.

Introduced response Top legends Players for Fuse with a new storytelling from Outlands on Monday. The four-minute video tells the story of Fuse’s love affair with Explosive, a childhood episode in which he and his best friend showed “a bloody beautiful grenade” that once belonged to their home planet, The salvo was dominated by freedom fighters. Fuse and his pal go on all sorts of adventures together – to the tune of 80s hair metal-esque songs – but when the Australian-solid macho man enters Salvo’s fighting pits, their relationship begins to break up is.

Salvo eventually joined the group of Syndicate planets, to the disintegration of Friends of the Fuse, who grew up honoring the said freedom fighters. After this, Fuse walks in and announces that he is leaving Salvo for Apex Games. He makes a prologue, but he is frustrated and angry – and starts the fight. At the end of their quarrel, Chekov’s hand grenade goes off, and Fuse wakes up to blow his right hand.

Data miners have already revealed files that suggest the fuse has a tactical capability called an airburst grenade, in which he can use a launcher on his mechanical right hand to fire the grenade, and an ultimate capability. Called The Motherload, which allows him to use a cannon. To launch a missile on his back that leaves his wake flames. There is no information about his passive ability yet.

Season 8 will come two days ago Top legends‘Second Anniversary. In addition to introducing the fuse, the third time will change the look of the game’s opening map, King’s Canyon. Finally, season 8 will bring a new weapon TopArsenal, a lever-action rifle called a 30-30 repeater.

Top legends PlayStation 4 is available on Windows PC and Xbox One. A Nintendo Switch version also works, with a release sometime this year.

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