Top Legends Season 7’s New Character, Horizon, Revealed

Respna has started teasing Apex Legends Season 7, which is set to begin sometime in mid-November, seeing as Season 6: Boosted Battle Pass ends on November 10. If we were to guess, we think the response time has expired. Xbox 7 to launch with the release of both Xbox X / S and PS5. Regardless, this is the most elaborate setup for a new season that Respawn has ever done – the developer set up a multi-step treasure hunt to introduce Season 7’s new playable character: Horizon.

If you boot up the game now, you’ll be greeted with a message from a mysterious character who needs your help to test some technique. Go to the firing range and connect the screen to the generator. It is here that the voice will reach you again and ask you to run some tests for him.

As the new playable character of Apex Legends Season 7, Horizon, as seen in the trailer for Apex Legends Champion Edition.

Exit the lobby and you’ll see some brand-new challenges with daily, weekly, and aftermarket limited-time challenges – these new ones are called “A Way Experiment”. To prove that you are eligible to test the mysterious voice’s gravitational lift, you must deal 10 damage, 10 knockdowns, and 120 opponents out while in Midair.

After doing all that, you will get a new message to backup to the firing range. Go there and the voice will give you a keycard to reach the scattered gravity lifts at King’s Canyon and World’s Edge. They will not be marked on your map, but there are brand-new challenges under the “A We Experiment” sign that you can find them in the refinery, skyhook, airbase and repulsor station. You will find out if you have seen a small node on the ground connected to a generator, such as a hook mounted on a monitor in the firing range. Swiping the card activates the lift, allowing you to travel multiple stories vertically.

Once you activate all four gravity lifts, return to the firing range and the voice will reveal itself as the newest entrant in the Apex games: Dr. Mary Somaras aka Horizon.

We still don't know what the horizon's capabilities are yet, though datamines point towards being able to use technology to control gravity.
We still do not know what the horizon’s capabilities are yet, although datamines point towards being able to use technology to control gravity.

Prior to all this, rumors and datamine pointed to the new character Horizon of season 7, a legend who can manipulate gravity with his technique. Although it has not been confirmed, it is speculated that his tactical ability is the Gravity Lift, which matches this latest chord. The dataminers propose her passive ability when she falls from a great height (whether she jumps through a falling crack) and her ultimate ability creates a temporary black hole that takes all of the surrounding targets to one place goes.

Of course, we don’t know for sure what Horizon’s capabilities are until Season 7 officially begins. Until then, we can actually point to these latest teasers only as a possible indication of one of the new legend’s abilities. Response has done this again and again in the past – for example, it placed Octane’s launch pad around King’s Canyon before Season 1, the Revenant’s Death totem effect in the shadows ahead of Season 4, in Lobe Burglar’s Best Friend Bracelet Called Rampart’s displaced minigun “Sheila” for season 5, included in World’s Edge Vault, and from season 6 onward with some graffiti on the edge of the world.

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