Top GOP Senators Accept Biden as President-Elect After Electoral College Vote

Several top Republican senators said on Monday that they now consider Joe BidenJoe BidenMichigan said adviser to close legislative office buildings on Monday because of ‘credible threats of violence’ The Mayor of Atlanta offered Biden cabinet, Biden tops Buttigieg list for Secretary of Transportation: CNN MORE Electionally President-elect following his White House victory by Electoral College.

Sen John thunJohn Randolph hails the Supreme Court’s decision on both sides. Closure of window for large coronovirus deal, Congress ‘close’ to large-scale government funding deal (RS.D.) became the highest-ranking senator to accept Biden’s victory, stating that he was elected president “as soon as he crosses the 270 vote mark.”

Thiden told reporters before formally receiving 270 Electoral College votes, “In my view, how we decide the presidential elections in this country is that our Constitution and I believe in following the Constitution.”

Sen Roy bluntRoy Dean Bluntwindow is closing down quickly for big coronovirus deal, Hill’s Morning Report – submitted by Facebook – moves the COVID-19 vaccine forward. Congress? Not so much Veteran Healthcare fight sparks more government funding deal (Mo.), a member of the GOP leadership and No. 4 Senate Republican, said: “We have now gone through the constitutional process and the voters have voted therefore the president is elected.”

Blunt, who heads the committee responsible for the planning of the inauguration, said in a separate statement that he would “work with President-elect Biden and his presidential inauguration committee to plan the swearing-in ceremony.”

Contact with Biden’s team is already underway after the committee announced a coordination plan announced last month.

Asked if Biden was the presidential election, Sen. Shelley Moore CapitoShelley Valens Moore Capitogope has avoided a performance with Trump Biden hoping that GOP senators called him to congratulate McConnell in a difficult position as the House’s eyes turn back. (RW.Va.), a member of the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnellHoyer says he is open to slowing down the COVID-19 relief bill 2021: Edison (Mich.) Mitchell McConnellbipartisan Group splitting 8 billion coronavirus proposal into two bills: reality politics vs. liberal fantasy moreKi (R-Ky.) Leadership team, stated that “it definitely looks like this.”

“I think it’s time to turn the page and start a new administration,” Capito said.

Sen Rob PortmanRobert (Rob) Jones PortmanManchin slams Trump for ‘dangerous’ political ‘posture’ during epidemic WAPO reporter, GOP says big incentive on COVID-19 is less relief Republicans build on cabinet frustration More (R-Ohio), another member of McConnell’s leadership team said that the “electoral college vote today makes clear that Joe Biden is now president-elect.”

Acknowledgment from several members of the GOP leadership McConnell did not respond to reporters’ questions about Biden in the Capitol earlier on Monday and did not weigh in on the electoral vote as Biden formally crossed the 270 mark.

Republican lawmakers have faced close to daily questions in recent weeks if they refused to do so after last month’s election, accepting Biden as president-elect.

Only a handful of GOP senators had publicly acknowledged Biden’s White House victory and many were supportive of Trump’s legal challenges. Even as many senators acknowledged Biden’s victory on Monday, Trump’s allies in the House are set to pull out of the fight for weeks as they long to challenge the results in Congress next month Are trying

Sen Lindsey grahamLindsay Olin Grahamkorovirus Relief Talks Stall as Liability Issues Negotiator Hill’s 12:30 Report – Submitted by Alibaba – Next Step to Pfizer Vaccine Hill’s Morning Report – Presented by Facebook – COIDID-19 Vaccine Leads Forward . Congress? Not much (RS.C.) said they now accepted Biden as president-elect and revealed on Monday that the two had already spoken.

Graham said of the conversation, “There are things we can do together. Some things we can’t do together were a very pleasant conversation.”

Other GOP senators were less direct when asked at the Capitol whether they considered Biden president-elect, pointing to the constitution.

“I don’t have to, the Constitution does,” Sen said. Chuck GrassleyThe choice of Chuck Grasliebaden for Homeland Security secretary faces trouble, with Trump support to avoid wrangling as GOP hopes excitement grows for investigation, but they can wait more (R. Iowa).

Asked if he accepted them as such, Grasley reiterated: “I follow the Constitution.”

Sen John barrasoJohn Anthony BarrassoWyoming Mask Mandate Supported by GOP MPs goes into Impact Energy: Barrasso to seek top spot on Natural and Natural Resources Committee | Forest Service finalizes rule to undermine environmental review of its projects Agriculture to Enlight Bid, Transport Agencies in Climate Fight Senate moves energy regulatory candidates despite uncertainty of floor vote (Wyo.), The No. 3 Republican senator, called a question about Biden’s position as presidential-elect, a “found question.”

“This is being asked of every senator. The transition took place three weeks ago with reference to the president: access to briefings and access to funds. All this happened three weeks ago. So nothing has changed. “This is the Constitution, and I believe in the Constitution.”

Others said that Biden was president-elect, pending litigation. Trump and his allies have faced dozens of failures, with the Supreme Court dismissing a case last week as they sought to reverse the election in key states.

“They go through the Electoral College – yes – subject to any pending lawsuits that could change that. But we’re going through the standard process, and in that time, but then you’ve got some more court cases that I hope to settle down, so pending, yes, ”said Sen. Thom TillisThomas (Thom) Roland TillisMasterCard, Visa to Stop Permitting Using His Card on Pornhub Hillican Valley: FTC files antitrust lawsuits against 46 states and Facebook | YouTube to remove content alleging widespread election fraud. Cyber-medical-hit European medical agency New Senate bill will allow victims to sue websites that avenge porn, force sexual acts (RN.C.).

Sen John cornynBoth parties to the John Corinium applaud the Supreme Court’s decision. The window for the big coronovirus deal is closing soon. The Supreme Court has’ closed the book ‘nonsense’ (R-Texas) said he believes the Biden presidential election is “subject to whatever additional prosecutions are underway.”

“I would say that may be subject to any other litigation that may take place between now and January 20. The answer is yes,” he said.


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