Top federal information security officials are also members of private groups investigating voter fraud

“Voter loyalty matters to everyone, and an unsuccessful or flawed contest undermines the legitimacy of our democracy. As a volunteer and former campaign political data scientist on this project, I am more concerned about transparency and accountability by our electoral process I’m taking advantage of my skills to bring it. ” Sandoval, who appointed Trump, said in a series of text messages with CNN, “strictly modeling and evaluating publicly available election results.”

“The results of our findings should be attractive to everyone, Republican or Democrat.”

But local, state and federal officials across the country have said there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud. And Matt Breyard, founder of the Voter Integrity Fund, told CNN that while the group found some evidence of voters illegally along the lines of the state, they did not make any evidence public. Many lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign and others have been settled out of court.
Trump administration official Chris Krebs has stepped up his efforts to refute the false claims of President Donald Trump and his supporters to help secure state elections. His agency Cyberspace and Infrastructure Security Agency issued a statement last week with state and private election officials, stating, “There is no evidence that any voting system removed or lost votes, changed votes, or Either way compromised. “
Election officials, including the federal government, contradict Trump's voter-fraud conspiracy theories

Many federal officials, according to Breyard, are working at the Voter Integrity Fund, which operates out of their apartments in Northern Virginia.

“It’s neither illegal, unprecedented, or you can argue, but I’d also say it clearly (moral),” Braynard said.

The Hatch Act prohibits federal employees from engaging in political activities while performing official duties, making it illegal for any federal officers in the group to use government resources or invoke their government titles. According to Breard, a federal official who works for the group, is on leave from his federal government jobs.

Nevertheless, officials are on a potentially slippery slope.

After Trump's defeat, Giuliani was put in charge of the post-election legal battle

“It’s all just a slip of words,” said Nick Schellenb, an Obama-era spokesman for the nonprofit Sentinel Group project at the Government Oversight and an Office of Special Counsel. “Even if they remain to the right of the law, they can still spread to a dangerous area.”

For his part, the federal chief information security officer, Sandowal, said he had no concerns about any possible violations.

“I am serving myself as a data scientist after the day of election to evaluate the data and share the results of the public inquiry,” Sandoval told CNN.


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