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Top Certifications in Project Management – How Practice Exam Questions Can Help in Passing the Tests?

Earning a certification will help you to build confidence and make you highly competitive in the present job market. This enhances yourunderstanding of the discipline. These rewards seem to be well-deserved when considering the commitment, money, and effort needed to get certified. In this article, we are going to observe globally recognizable certifications related to project management from PMI and GAQM.

PMI Certifications

PMI (Project Management Institute) offers a variety of certificates, and the choice depends on your experience. There are no credentials that are considered to be the requirement for obtaining any other.

PMI PMP Certification

The Project Management Professional certificate is one of the most popular among project managers around the world. It provides its holder with a higher salary and allows to work in any region. It requires to pass the exam, to have the secondary degree and a particular amount of hours spending for studyingproject management and leading projects.

To read more about the prerequisites and benefits of PMP certification, browse Wikipedia.

If you want to feel more sure and skilled before your exam date, use the preparatory PMP exam questions. They comprise the recent questions and answers.

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PMI CAPMCertification

Certified Associate in Project Management is achieved by passing the exam with 150 questions. You should also take into account the prerequisites, which include the secondary degree and particular amount of project experience, or 23 hours of education in the field.

It is possible to get to know all the details about CAPM certification atPMIwebsite.

PMI ACP Certification

The PMI-ACP training will allow you to become highly skilled and talented agile professional with adequate knowledge in a wide range of agile strategies including test-driven development, Kanban, Scrum, extreme programming, and etc. Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) is known to be PMI’s rapidly growing certification. However, PMI has upgraded its PMI-ACP exam recently by including necessary agile practice guide as indispensable reference material.

If you want to work in an agile team or if your organization want to adopt agile practice, then the PMI-ACP certification is considered to be a good choice for the learners. This certification is fully based upon training and exam.

Below, you will find more details in terms of the certificate, prerequisites, ways to achieve it, and much more.

The PMI-ACP is abbreviated as Project Management Institute – Agile Certified Practitioner certification. It is regarded as the certification of project management which aims at improving knowledge and skills. Agile has been turned out to be the standard project management for faster growing world particularly in the IT and services sector. Numerous project management experts have included tools, techniques, and concepts, which provide successful projects ever before.

PMI-ACP is known to be the most accurate agile certification because it considers experience, competency, and training of the aspirants into account. Unlike another certification course such as CSM (Scrum Master Certification) that is got after attending CSM course and passing test conducted depending upon the material taught in class, the ACP needs the aspirants to undergo at least 1500 hours of agile methodologies practice in real time.

PMI-ACP considers the knowledge and experience of a person in an agile environment without restricting the implementation method. PMI necessitates candidates to gain working experience with a wide range of methodologies like Test driven development, Kanban, Lean, XP, Scrum, and many others.

To receive the information about PMI ACP certification, you can also look through PMI website.

Role of Agile Practitioner

Being an agile practitioner, your effective role is to entitle you for:

  • Understanding agile: Knowing about agile concepts and methodology
  • Having proficiency: Proficiency in using agile techniques and tools
  • Management: Strive hard to obtain lean management
  • Agile practices: Tend to work with project teammates which are particularly devised for the sake of agile practices.

What Are the Essential Prerequisites for PMI Certification?

To apply for PMI-ACP, you need to meet the following prerequisites, such as:

✓         Having a secondary degree or higher

✓         About 1500 hours of working experience on an agile project for about 3 years

✓         2000 hours of project management experience for about 5 years

What You Will Learn Under PMI-ACP Training?

By taking PMI-ACP training program, you are sure to avail valuable skills, including:

  • Cultivating the capability to provide high-velocity epics and stories
  • Improving your working knowledge related to agile principles such as TDD, XP, Kanban, and Scrum.
  • In-depth understanding of agile history including evolution, foundation, core principles, and concepts.
  • Developing the experience of implementing multi-iterative development models for any kind of projects
  • Developing the knowledge and skills needed to clear up the PMI-ACP certification

Who Can Take the PMI-ACP Course?

The PMI-ACP training program is considered to be the professional recruitment process across technological and IT industry for various project management roles across the world. However, the PMI-ACP certification course is highly suited for:

  • Project engineers/executives
  • Assistant/Associate manager – projects
  • Project managers
  • Software developers
  • Team managers/leads
  • Agile team members
  • Any professional planning to become a project manager

Thus, the certified agile practitioners tend to earn more salary compared with the uncertified colleagues. Their annual salary will be around $100,000.

How to Pass PMI-ACP Exam?

To get the PMI-ACP certification, you need to meet the essential educational requirements and experience. Hence, you must pass the PMI-ACP exam by solving 120 multiple choice questions within 3 hours. Irrespective of your education and experience, you can still prepare seriously for the exam. Successful candidates will normally make use of multiple study materials including study groups, self-study, and courses to pass this certification exam easily.

You can prepare for and take up the PMI-ACP courses in five different languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, and English. You are insisted to download the outline of exam content, informational presentation, and handbook in an appropriate language of your choice.

Explore More About PMI-ACP Certification

This is one of the best possible ways to understand about agile certified practitioner is to mention the web pages and publications of PMI. Here are the essential highlights of important materials.

  • Preparation materials

There is no primary text book available for PMI-ACP. PMI has declared that the important reading will be updated and revised routinely depending upon changes.

  • Agile project management study

PMI does not denote the specified training format, provider or content for 21 contact hours. Depending on your preference and need, it’s all up to you to choose for classroom teaching, downloadable podcast learning or online learning to satisfy your learning need. The easiest way to get contact hours via PMI registered education provider as effective courseware has been recommended by PMI.

  • PMI-ACP handbook

The PMI-ACP handbook tends to cover various aspects of ACP certification exam which candidates need to understand. This handbook outlines the requisites, application process, rules & regulations of the exam. You can also download the copy of handbook in PDF format to start your PMI ACP journey.

Practice CertificationQuestions

The certificates mentioned above require passing the exams, which needs special concentration and thorough learning. To help you get ready for the exam, the practice questions were designed.

Thus, find here the certification questions and prepare effectively.

Where to Find Reliable Certification Dumps?

Don’t waste a chance to use the downloadable exam dumps. Essential information regarding PMI-ACP exam is obtained from the outline content of exam. 50% of questions will be depend on agile techniques and tools whereas the remaining part of the exam will be on skills and knowledge. The agile tools & techniques include of risk management, communications, agile estimation, value-based prioritization, soft skill negotiation, value stream analysis, agile analysis & design, metrics, planning, monitoring & adapting and product quality.

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Other Important Certifications

Now, let’s discuss GAQM Scrum certification, which is interesting for software professionals around the world.

GAQMCertified Scrum Master Certification

Iterative agile project management framework – Scrum is meant to develop high-quality products and help in software project management. The certificate is interesting for project managers, team members, DBAs, and etc. It need to pass the CSM exam.

CSM-001 Exam

The exam contains 40 questions, 28 of them must be answered correctly to pass the test. The time allotted is an hour.

Additional information about CSM-001 exam is available at GAQM website.


Thus,to enhance your project management career, you have many ways offered by theleading companies. Define your best method to promote, choose the rightcertification and start preparing for the required test. Do not forget to getfamiliar with all prerequisites and objectives.