Top Biden official warns of death of American Kovid, who will have more than 500,000 in Vicks

Officials of the ensuing Biden administration hung the country to continued hardship in the days following the inauguration, with the president-elect taking control of a struggling economy and raising the outbreak of coronovirus in less than three days.

Ron Clain, President-Elect Joseph R. The incoming White House chief of staff, Biden Jr., had a tight forecast for an outbreak of coronovirus in the first weeks of the new administration, predicting that half a million Americans would die. Coronovirus by the end of February. The current toll is close to 400,000.

In an appearance in CNN’s “State of the Union”, Mr. Clann said “the virus is going to get worse before it gets better.” “People who are contracting the virus today will start getting sick next month, at the end of February, even in March, the death toll will increase, so it will take a while to get started.”

The average daily American deaths from the virus have been well-spent 3,000, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have sounded the alarm about a far more contagious version of the fast-spreading, coronavirus that authorities project will become a major source of infection in the country by March, potentially in cases of another severe flood will increase. And deaths.

Mr Clann, in comments directed at the states’ disappointment, said the additional vaccines the Trump administration had promised to release had no existence, adding that his team had been “a big mess” in terms of vaccine production and distribution. .

“But we have a plan to fix it,” said Mr. Clain, for a federal vaccination campaign that Mr. Biden announced on Friday. “We think there are some things we can do to speed up the delivery of that vaccine.”

Earlier this week administration officials urged states to loosen the eligibility criteria and introduce vaccination to all Americans 65 and older. Some states, including New York, took rapid steps to accelerate compliance, leading to increased interest and confusion – as thousands of newcomers sought appointments to vaccinate.

But there was no stockpile of additional vaccine supplements for distribution in those states, it turns out – only the quantity already promised, much of it to be given

Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Drs. Anthony S. Fauci said on Sunday that he too was in a state of confusion trying to figure out how many vaccines the federal government had planted and where they were going. .

“I think that was just a misunderstanding,” Dr. Fauci said on NBC’s “Meet the Press”. “When the dose was released, a similar amount was put back when there was a glitch in the supply flow that those who received their first dose would obviously get their second dose,” he said.

Once it was clear that the production of the vaccines would be reliable, he said, “This decision was made, instead of just giving enough for the first dose and holding back for the second dose, as soon as they got the dose available, they took it Will give because now they are confident that they will get the next amount. “

Brian Desse, incoming head of the National Economic Council, also stressed the need to pass a $ 1.9 trillion stimulus plan that the incoming Biden administration unveiled last week to aid recovery efforts, pointing to figures That makes rising unemployment more American. Feeling hungry.

“True, we are at a very uncertain time,” Mrs Des said in an appearance on “Fox News Sunday”. “We’ve got an acute economic crisis and a human crisis, and we need decisive action.”

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