Top article: ‘Pixel 5S’ leak, Google Pixel 4A global launch

This week’s top stories: The new leaked Google Pixel 5 shows an interesting “Pixel 5s” name, the Pixel 4a arrives in more countries around the world, a new Nest Thermostat shows on the FCC, and more.

In a week, which has been given more than its usual share of Made by Google, the top story comes from a pair of images that look like the Google Pixel 5. Importantly, the device settings shown are listed in the app as “Pixel 5s”. “At this point, we’re not sure whether the” Pixel 5S “is a different, distinct model in the Pixel 5 series, or simply a working name that Google previously used in development.

We get very clear information about the body texture with full white / silver splatter including fingerprint sensor. We also see a black volume rocker and lock button. There are several barcodes, including lack of regulatory approval and “R3 EVT”. Redfin is the codename of Pixel 5, while the engineering validation test is a phase of the hardware manufacturing process.

In more tangible Pixel news, Google officially released the Pixel 4a globally, extending the phone beyond its initial North American exclusivity. Of course, “globally” actually means the phone has come in ten more countries including Australia, Japan and the UK.

The sale has now opened for the Google Pixel 4a, for emails joining the official waitlist. Visit any global store […] And you should be able to pre-order your device. However, the shipping date is still estimated at 2 October. All notable Pixel 4A accessories are also up for pre-order, including the stunning Pixel case.

In an unexpected med by Google this week, we found that Google listed a new Nest Thermostat with the FCC. An even bigger twist is that there are indications in the filing that this new Nest thermostat may support Project Soli, as we saw in last year’s Pixel 4.

The third-generation Nest Learning Thermostat was released in 2015, while the more affordable thermostat E, launched in 2017. Those products are relatively old and both are due for upgrades. Thus, this new product can also move forward in terms of pricing / affordability and target market.

While Google may have its own Android TV-based streaming dongle on the way, some people may still be looking for an inexpensive way to get Android TV in their living rooms. This week, our Ben Schoon reviewed the cheapest Android TV dongle Xiaomi Mi TV Stick in the market.

If you want to know anything else about the Mi TV Stick about one thing, it is not meant to impress. We’re talking about an FHD streaming stick that comes without any frills, but that’s not inherently a bad thing. This is the same thing that has made super cheap Roku Express a very popular device.

Finally, Mark Levoy, Google’s previous photography lead for the Pixel line, was interviewed The ledge This week, mainly talking about his new position at Adobe. However, during the interview, you will get a lot of information about the options for the Pixel line, such as Pixel 3, 4, 4a and possibly Pixel 5 all using the same main camera sensor.

The mobile sensor industry is quite mature. It improves, but reforms are coming up with somewhat lower returns over the years. One variable that is of particular interest is read noise. As the reed noise decreases, you can take photos in low and low light. And so, if Sony or someone comes with a sensor that reads low noise, a lot of people will catch it …

– Mark Levoy

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