Top 3 things learned from Bill 3 vs Jets

3. Edmunds and Milano leave early

Last season, Matt Milano started 15 games and Tremaine Edmonds made all 16 starts, as both remained remarkably healthy. Both suffered injuries this week against the Jets in Week 1.

Late in the first half, Milano suffered a hamstring injury and was declared out for the game until the start of the second half. Milano has a history of hamstring injuries. Hopefully it is not of a serious nature. Coach McDermott did not have an update on the linebacker’s position.

Tremaine Edmonds was ruled out of the game in the second half with a shoulder injury. After a massive investigation by the team’s medical staff, Edmonds was taken off the pad to the locker room.

He returned to watch the remainder of the game in the fourth quarter, but never returned. There was also no update on his condition.

Filling in for Milano and Edmonds were AJ Klein and Tyrell Dodson. Klein finished tied for the team lead with five tackles, while Dodson posted the first sack of his career.

“I was very proud of the way young people stepped in and did a good job,” McDermott said. “From Tyler Dodson to AJ Klein and Tyler Matequich. And he’s the next man and the linebacking crew and the resilience of our defense and our team.”

Buffalo’s defense has never been without their two stalwart starting linebackers, who are dynamic in coverage. Coach McDermott understands that such a possibility exists next week depending on what the medical examination of his injuries reveals.

“Those guys are good football players for us,” he said of Edmonds and Milano. “He did a good job doing something good (Sunday) and so there’s going to be adversity like that (Sunday), whether it’s injuries or a change of pace. I think we’ve learned that you have to continue Is. Pushing through and I felt our team did it so we’ll see what happens. This week, we hope and pray that we bring them back. If we don’t know this next guy Will happen. ”