Top 3 Fantasy Artists In Every Position

Guys, it’s finally here! Week 1 of the 2020 NFL season began last night and yes, it feels like it’s been a long time. We made it and it is time to root for your favorite team as well as expect your fantasy players to leave. This week, I’ll break down, which I think will be the top 3 fantasy performers each: QB, RB, WR, TE, DEF, K and I’ll throw in some possible flex options. This should be useful for those DFS players.

Week 1 in fantasy is important because you want to start the season on the right foot with a win. But if you take that L, then no worries because you have 12 more weeks to get into playoff contention. So lets jump right into this.

* All estimates based on PPR format *

Week 1 Fantasy Predictions: Top 3 Fantasy Artists in Every Situation

Top 3 QBs

1.) Lamar Jackson – Baltimore Ravens

Week 1 for Jackson and the Ravens is a divisional match-up between the Cleveland Browns. In the first meeting last year, Brown defeated the Ravens for a 15 point win, 40-25. Lamar was responsible for Rance’s trio of touchdowns through the air with 3, with 240+ passing yards and 66 towing yards to go. There were 2 contradictions detailing that performance.

The look is very different for this year. Although his performance will not be close to the start of 2019 Week 1 versus the Miami Dolphins, he should be able to give quality numbers for the season openers.

2.) Philip rivers – Indianapolis Colts

Now this can be seen as a head-scratch, but here me out. Rivers are playing with a new team for the first time in their careers. The Colts gave him a big contract in the hope that he could bring him to the Super Bowl, a feat he hasn’t done since Peyton Manning Era. He is well equipped with goals and talent to illuminate a Jacksonville Jaguars team that has essentially overhauled their roster this season. Rivers have been a turnover machine in recent years, but if they can survive ill-advised, watch the rivers from the first week.

3.) Kylar Murray – Arizona Cardinals

Except for 4 or 5 games in 2019, the Cardinals were in every game. The good thing about it is that none of those games were against their Week 1 Divisional foe, the San Francisco 49ers. In their Week 9 and 11 matches, they lost 3 and 10 respectively. This year should be different and not be surprised if the Cardinals split 1-1 due to Murray with 491. In both competitions, Murray took two points without a change. Although the 49ers made a staunch defense, Cliff kingsbury And the company figured out how to hang with the NFC West’s top team from last season. It will be a shoot out in Week 1 led by Murray.

Top 3 rb

1.) Christian McCaffrey – Carolina Panthers

If there’s something new head coach Matt Rhode needs to know about his team, it’s that you feed the ball to McCaffrey as often as possible. Don’t rush it, but just know that your team is better when you have # 22 ball in your hands. McCaffrey is the reason every fantasy owner wants the first choice in the draft.

Although the Raiders were in the middle of the pack in terms of Red Defense last year, it’s not really a good way to slow down McCaffrey. Look for Christian to lead his team in hopes of winning the season opener.

2.) Austin Eckler – Los Angeles Chargers

Eckler was the only bright spot on a bastard Chargers team in 2019. While the Chargers appear to be returning to the playoffs, Eckler should be a play-maker who helps swing the momentum of the games. The big thing for Eclar is that he doesn’t have to worry about another RB coming back in mid-season to suppress his touch.

In a one-week matchup with the Cincinnati Bengals, Ecler is set to start the season big. In 2019, the Bengals had the 9th worst crowd in the league. Add in the fact that Ekeler can also catch the ball out of the backfield and you have a recipe for success in this match.

3.) Josh Jacob – Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders want to start the season with a win versus the Carolina Panthers. A new coaching regime at Carolina could mean some growing pains through the early parts of the season. This is a good sign for Jacobs, who had a stunning rookie campaign back as a feature. The Panthers defense was the worst in the league defense last year with 2,000+ yards and 27 scores. You think Kalpana would give Jacobs the top spot for RB. Although truth be told, Jacobs is not really a pass-catch back. He is an old-fashioned downhill runner. Regardless, look for him to have a solid start to the season.