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There are only 11 artists left in season 13 of "The Voice", and they play live once again on the episode on November 27. Follow with everything that is summarized in our summary!

In this week's episode of The Voice viewers helped the artists decide which song to sing. The first is Janice Freeman of the team of Miley Cyrus who has the challenge of making a version of "Shine". As always, Janice offers a powerful performance that has the trainers in trance. "It's crazy because, on the contrary, I did not like the song so much until you sang it", Adam Levine rejoices. "I think it's … amazing, you're able to transform my opinion about a song that I know very well, you're just not normal!"

Until the next, Blake artist Shelton Red Marlow sings iconic country song "The Dance" by Garth Brooks . Obviously, these are great shoes to fill, but that's what fans want, and Red fully complies. It's the first time he sings a true ballad on the show, and it's a great time to change things. "Red, it's singers like you who taught singers like me how powerful it is when you can silence a crowd," admits Jennifer Hudson . Then, Team Jennifer & # 39; s Shi & # 39; Ann Jones has the main task of performing Beyonce "Listen". Of course, she nails him with her poignant and powerful voice, getting the four coaches to stand up.

Adam Cunningham of the team Adam, is the next to play "American Girl" in Tom Petty . Adam was among the last two last week, so he has a lot to prove with this performance, and it's a song in his wheelhouse to do it. Next, Brooke Simpson of Miley's team is up, and she's presenting Pink & # 39; s "What's wrong with us?" Miley helps Brooke to give a unique twist to the song, and it is a super powerful performance.

After Brooke is the lead singer of Jennifer Davon Fleming who is awarded Whitney Houston "I have nothing" to perform. Week after week, Davon takes great risks on stage, and once again, he demonstrates why it's worth it. Ashland Craft of the Miley team is next, and she gives her own touch to the clbadic Zac Brown Band "Chicken Fried". The entire performance represents exactly who Ashland is as an artist, which is exactly what his fans will want to see.

The next artist to take the stage is Addison Agen of Team Adam. She sings the emotional song "A Case of You" by Joni Mitchell and after having obtained the highest score on the iTunes charts of the 12 artists last week, she has a lot to accomplish. It's safe to say that the teen offers the way she expected with her incredible performance! Blake's country singer, Keisha Renee is next to present "It Matters To Me" by Faith Hill . With the song, Keisha shows that she is destined to country music.

Next pop star, Noah Mac from Jennifer's team, plays "Electric Love." The teenager completely changes the arrangement of the song for his own unique version, and really shows his artistic and artistic talent. Closing the night is Blake's artist, Chloe Kohanski who has become the fan's favorite. She sings "Total Eclipse Of The Heart", which is a little different from what we've seen of her, and an epic close to the show. Now, the vote is in the hands of the United States, and an artist will be sent home on November 28.

HollywoodLifers who do you think will go home this week at The Voice ?

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