Tony Romeo compares Duck Prescott-Cowboys contract talks to LeBron James, believing ‘deal will be done’

Tony Romeo is done, done, and has postcards to prove it. An undocumented quarterback forced to make a name for himself under the Supernova-Hot Lights of the Dallas Cowboys, Romeo had to negotiate a new contract not once, but twice. Add to the fact that he was once a fellow of Dak Prescott and needless to say that there are some humans standing on the third planet from the Sun who are actually two-time Professor Bowl quarterbacks and the financial stalemate facing that team In sympathy, he was selected in 2016 with a fourth-round compensatory pick.

Granted, not all are equal here – Romeo has not been drafted, but has never been forced to play under the franchise tag once – but when it is currently running in North Texas, the former All. -The current No. 1 NFL at Pro quarterback and CBS color analyst drew no holes in explaining his perspective on the Prescott situation.

While Romeo believes that the list of talented QBs in the NFL is over the age today, he also distinguishes between an average signal caller and a great guy. And at that point, when I asked him the question in an exclusive zoom call to go to Week 2 on Wednesday, he showed great confidence in the Cowboys that they could finally pull the trigger and agree to Prescott on a long-term deal. In 2021.

“I think it’ll be … Yes, I know about the contract stuff,” Romeo told me in a friendly Q&A inspired by his renewed role as operator for the Corona Hotline. “I’ve come before this with the Cowboys. Quarterbacks now – it’s nothing more than understanding their position in the game. And they’re starting to get to a point where they understand their impact on the organization. And really the football team. Their contribution to and what it means. ”

CBS Sports broke this news in February 2020 This negotiation was no longer mostly about money between Prescott and the Cowboys, but about the length of the deal. After months of being away at that point, Prescott didn’t want to stay for more than four years, while the Cowboys dug in at five, and it was this very thin line that pushed them past the July 15 deadline – a Hell Mary The conversation between him and the team carried out Stephen Jones Failing cement in time for ironing contract language.

For those who will not tell Prescott in the fifth year, this is because the COVID-19 salary cap is expecting a spike in the next two years due to cash violations from new TV contracts and gambling revenue, despite the revenue impact. Signing a four-year deal allows Prescott to regroup soon, under a more massive cap structure.

“It’s been happening in basketball for a long time,” Romeo said. “LeBron James, years ago, decided – instead of taking this seven-year or long-term guarantee, he decided to say, ‘Ah, I’m going to go two years.” Because who doesn’t want LeBron James in two years? This is a situation where you have the ability to control your environment [and] Take control of your situation. Quarterbacks are doing the same thing that basketball players are doing.

“Instead of taking a long-term guarantee, they are starting to take [fewer] Years. The quarterbacks will always be guaranteed in the event of an injury. They are not doing what you are looking for, because they are rare, because they are so rare. Really good quarterbacks are rare. And if you’re rare, you can trust that you’re going to like someone a lot to make you your quarterback, and many people want you because it’s really hard to be a really good quarterback in the National Football League. ”

Entering their second consecutive contract year through a franchise tag, which pays them $ 31.4 million in 2020 and rises to $ 37.7 million in 2021 – a third time the deal should fail – Markets and Prescott The games are masterfully working in their favor. He held a career year in 2019 from a personal standpoint, falling just short of breaking Romeo’s single-season passing mark for just two yards, despite the Cowboys receiver leading the league in drops. Since then, He now saw that the megadiles came down the pike Patrick Mahomes (a comparison both Stephen Jones himself made last week after agreeing on his belief in 2021), and of course, Desert Watson in early September.

And as Romeo points out, Prescott and his representative Todd France – later a top negotiator for the CAA (the firm negotiating for Romeo’s then-historic deal in Dallas) – know exactly what they are doing.

“Actually, it’s not even four years,” Romeo said. “You’ll be back on the table in 2.5 years.”

While Mahomes did indeed skyrocket with his 10-year deal, Watson had a fall in line with Prescott’s four-year question, as did Russell Wilson, Jared Goff and Carson Wentz before him. It’s four years on the QB extension with the new criteria, and Prescott is showing that he’s the face of the franchise – it’s also worth noting He “wants to be a cowboy for the rest of my career” – Ones is now in Dallas’ front office, until the deal is closed, unless they somehow refuse him, it’s a good idea.

“I think Duck Prescott bets on himself,” said Romeo of the conversation. “The seven- and eight-year deals are starting to go away, and all that’s happening is to adjust the teams, because it’s going to help with the salary cap when you have a guy you know There is going to be a long time. You always return the money next year – push it back. And in that case [especially], You always knew he would be there.

“Even if he had to miss a game or something, you knew he was going to be your quarterback, because it’s hard to find him. It’s not like you can replace a damn good next year . On himself and on Bette. A lot of ways, a lot of people are doing it, just knowing that they are unique and they have the ability to help a football team win. ”

It is also important to note, now that Romeo mentions availability, that Prescott has not lost a single game in his four-year NFL career, something that cannot be said for Watson, Gough, and most certainly. Is not Wentz. All told, Romeo justifies where Prescott stands on the length of the deal and where the Cowboys are putting their flag.

“I understand both sides,” said the former four-time pro bowler and NFL passing leader. “I understand Duck’s side because he’s right. And the Cowboys are right. There’s no right answer here.”

“It’s a different time right now, where QBs are understanding their leverage and the teams are adjusting what they’re doing. I think it will still happen. It’s obviously not ideal for anyone, But I think it will be found. Done. ”

From someone who was once in the same position, with the same team, and who knows that all parties are fairly well involved – that’s a vote of confidence.

If that is what is being said by Jones and Prescott, then Romeo will finally reveal the time when he is right in walking in lockstep. But anyone who has seen Romeo goes through the ranks of Jerry Jones ‘Uncovered, guarantees him a place in the Cowboys’ prestigious Ring of Honor, and then thanks one of the NFL’s leading analysts that he Is participating for its real-time ladder. Accuracy of an arrow from Hawke – knows that it is probably not wise to place bets against his predictions.

Keep your sons, and see that the Cowboys and Prescott cannot finally sweep too soon. Romeo’s crystal ball feels like it’s time.