Tony Dungy blasted for ‘present in disguise’ Dak Prescott Lay

Read the room, Tony.

NBC Sports analyst and former Colts coach Tony Dungi was under social-media fire for his tone-deaf reaction to Duck Prescott’s horrific compound ankle fracture on Sunday.

“The harder it is for Dak Prescott, the more frightening it can be for the Cowboys,” Dung said before the “Sunday Night Football” game. “They’ve got a good, experienced quarterback who can make some plays that can push them back to their old formulas, lean into the running game, lean to Ezekiel Elliott, control the ball. You can still help with the rescue. You’ve still got extensive receivers and Andy Dalton is going to do some drama with those receivers. ”

The country watching football as Dungi’s comment was still digesting a disturbing scene of the Cowboys quarterback on the field as he was getting off the field. Prescott will be immediately transported to the hospital for surgery. This was not the time of silver-lining.

As the Twitter crowd grew, Dungy attempted to clarify his comments.

“Blessings in Dunging was a poor choice of words by me,” Doogie wrote on Twitter. “It is not a blessing for the post. I meant that the season is not over for the Cowboys. Andy Dalton is very capable and focusing on Elliott can help the defense. But I feel bad for the postage. ”

Duck Prescott;  Tony Dungy
Duck Prescott; Tony DungyGetty Images


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