Tony Buzbee says he has 12 women filing lawsuits against Deshaun Watson

Tony Buzbee, the high-profile Texas attorney who has filed seven lawsuits on behalf of Jane Does alleging sexual assault against NFL star Deshaun Watson, said Friday that he now represents a total of 12 women and has spoken with 10 others. on complaints against Texans. attacking player.

Buzbee also said that Watson’s alleged conduct occurred “as recently as this month” and that the Houston Police Department has contacted him. Buzbee has had no contact with Texans.

Watson, 25, publicly denied the first accusation and hired his own high-profile attorney at Rusty Hardin, who got Roger Clemens acquitted in 2012 after the pitcher was accused of lying to Congress when he denied using drugs to improve performance. Watson’s agent, David Mulugheta, responded to the allegations on Friday.

“Sexual assault is real. Victims must be heard, violators must be prosecuted, ”Mulugheta wrote on Twitter. “People make up stories in search of financial gain often. Its victims must be heard and violators must also be prosecuted. I just hope we keep this same energy with the truth. “

Deshaun watson
Deshaun watson
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The NFL is investigating the allegations against Watson.


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