Toni Braxton testifies as a victim of jewelry theft for $ 2.5 million




Toni Braxton She swore to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth of Thursday, and told a jury that she is disconsolate that the subject at the trial stole her engagement ring and other precious jewels.

A guy who works for an aircraft cleaning service is being tried for allegedly rummaging through a hand luggage he forgot after landing in Los Angeles. the 1 million dollar engagement ring of the accused pilfer Toni, 4 super expensive watches, including 2 Rolex and Cartier, and 2 pairs of old earrings. The grand total of the robbery – $ 2.5 MILLION.

The bad news is that the jewels are still missing. Bird man He gave Toni the ring when he proposed to her in February 2018. As to why the ring was not on his finger during the JFK to LAX because his fingers tend to swell when he flies as a result of a medical condition – lupus

Upon leaving the court, Toni told us that she expects the thief to have some remorse and return the jewels … especially the engagement ring.

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