Tom Thibodo on the coaching staff hopes Nux’s input will work

Tom Thibodo confirmed that the Knicks front office will have input regarding his coaching staff – a process sources say is new to him as he has previously chosen his friends.

Knicks GM Scott Perry claimed that Thibodo said “he will have autonomy over who he works with.” However, The Post has informed new executive vice president William Wesley that he has advocated for Thibodo to diversify from his coaching staff in Chicago and Minnesota. Mike Woodson and Mike Miller, who were interim former coaches for the Knicks, are expected to be on Thibodo’s staff. Miller has one year left on his contract. When Vex coached Vix, he defeated Vix again.

“No final decision has been made,” Thibodo said on his introductory zoom call on Thursday. “But when you are putting your employees together, you are looking at the qualities that you think will be best suited for your team, what you think you need. I think you always sit with the office in front of you and go over people you think they can help.

“I believe we’re going to sit, I’m going to listen [to] Those people that I have, I am going to recommend some people I know. Some of them are going to be on both lists. I’m comfortable with it. I think we are going to get a great staff and I am eager to get started with it. “

The Post has already reported that Thibodo wants his long-time assistant Andy Greer and possibly his brother Larry. Both Greers are Manhattan natives. Andy and Thibodo were assistants on the Knicks and Andy moved with them to Chicago and Minnesota. Larry was an Thibodo assistant in Minnesota.

Another prominent Thibodo is Lieutenant Dice Yoshimoto, who accompanied him in Chicago and Minnesota and is regarded as his utilitarian figure. Thibodo could also bring back Rick Brunson, an ex-Leon who was Leon Rose’s first customer. Brunson served on Thibodo’s employees in Chicago and Minnesota but resigned in 2018 on workplace malpractice allegations.

Wesley is also close to Kentucky assistant Kenny Payne, and Kentucky media outlets reported that he would be considered. A source said that Payne may not be interested. Payne recently told The Post former Kentucky that Kevin Knox needed to turn the page from last season and that a new coaching staff could help him reach his potential.


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