Tom & Jerry’s new movie aims to honor their “crushing” story

When Hanna-Barbera’s Tom & Jerry first appeared in 1940, their names were Jasper and Jinx, and the cartoon they appeared in, “Puss Gets The Boot”, also featured a racist maid archetype called Mammy Two Shoes. Presented by Joseph Barbera as “two equal characters who were always in conflict with each other”, Tom and Jerry quickly became cartoon icons and have since appeared on 161 theater shorts, spawned a series of self-titled television shows and has appeared in 14 films. The Fifteenth Tom and Jerry Movie, aptly titled Tom jerry, hits HBO Max this weekend and features a rich cast of characters including Michael Pena, Chloe Grace Moretz and Rob Delaney. Also, of course, it features Tom & Jerry.

The AV Club sat with Tom jerry director Tim Story and producer Chris DiFaria to talk about how the two approached adapting these beloved characters. Is there a Tom and Jerry Bible? A designated archivist? And how does a movie that appeals to kids in 2021 address the reality of what happens when someone takes a frying pan to their face? Or does it? All of those questions and more are answered in the video above.

Tom jerry hits select theaters and HBO Max this Friday.


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