Tom Holland reunites with Ros for Cherry Teaser

It’s been almost two years since Avengers: EndgameThe film that saw writers and directors, Joe and Anthony Russo land, is generally acclaimed – the end of a story He and many others had spent the better part of a decade, untold hours of human creativity, and wealth, breaking the pores of wealth. Say It was, by any metric, a career-topping achievement, which is perhaps a bit worrying when you still want to do, you will continue to build a career.

Now, after a brief, highly exploratory break, Ross is back, with Apple TV + Released the first teaser today since its debut Endgame Wrapped, an adaptation of Nico Walker’s 2018 crime novel Cherry. But when many of the Russo style hallmarks are absent from the short (oddly pointed) clip, the woman is a familiar face on hand – with a magical glove or significant rock in sight. (And a slightly less familiar haircut.)

Yes, he is Tom Holland as a young man signing up for the US Army, a career choice that will likely keep him in good health and wait, no, no problem, we just posted a Wikipedia summary of the book. Got a look, and it certainly won’t be. In any case, it’s always interesting to see Holland playing against type (as he did last year with Antonio Campos). The devil all the time.) By teasing, it’s a bit harder to reduce the tone of the film, but we’ll probably take a closer look at the film’s 2021 release dates.


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