Tom Holland flinches with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield cameos in ‘Spider-Man’

Earlier in the day, the actor sent the internet on a blast when he teased a possible caption for the new superhero webslinger photo.

Tom Holland sat down with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday to talk about the upcoming Spiderman film, which became a trending topic earlier in the day after the actor was among several cast members teasing a possible title and sending the internet blazing.

‘So excited to announce the new Spiderman title, “Holland wrote on his Instagram account along with a still.” I can’t wait for you to see what we’ve been up to. Love from Atlanta. “The next photo contained the caption”Spider-Man Phone“in classic typeface. The post received over 3 million likes and a few curious comments, including one from fellow star Zendaya, who wrote,” What the heck? “.

The actual title was not mentioned during Holland’s appearance, although Fallon asked the actor if Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield would have cameos in the film, as rumored. “It would be a miracle if they had kept that from me,” Holland laughed, clarifying that he had obviously read the script from beginning to end.

The movie is being filmed in Atlanta on a setting where Holland originally auditioned for Spiderman. The actor revealed that his brother Harry has a cameo in the film, which came after he played the role of a drug dealer ‘agitator boy’ in Cherry. “We had the idea that in every movie he would be in, Harry would reprise his role as a troublemaker,” Holland said. “So he’s back in his own MCU cinematic universe as the troublemaker boy who deals with ecstasy.”

The movie, from director Jon Watts, who directed the previous one. Spider-Man: Homecoming Y Far from home – is scheduled to release on December 17.

Talking more about CherryHolland talked about why he wanted to do the crime drama project. “I needed to educate myself on the problem,” Holland said, referring to the opioid epidemic. “I wanted to shed light on a problem that is available to everyone.”

Holland added, “I hope people can see this movie and feel more confident to open up and seek help.”

He said he lost 30 pounds for the movie, and then at one point the Russo brothers, co-directors of the movie, turned him around and he had to lose some weight again after putting it back on. “I love the Russos and I would do anything for them, but I really thought they were going to kill me,” Holland laughed.

Cherry premieres in theaters on February 26 and on Apple TV + on March 12.

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