Tom Brady understands the frustration of Rob Gronkowski, hopes he will not be suspended


In the Patriots' 23-3 victory over the Bills yesterday, Rob Gronkowski's frustrations faded when he threw a late hit on Tre & # 39; Davious White that could trigger an additional league discipline.

Tom Brady understands where his tight end frustrations are coming from.

During the play in question, Gronkowski claimed that he was retained and felt he was interfered with when White intercepted Brady. Gronkowski then delivered a cheap shot to a defenseless target while he lay on the ground, and the officials pointed him out for a personal foul. After the game, Gronk apologized and explained his frustration over inconsistent calls against him during his career.

During his weekly interview on WEEI's "Kirk & Callahan" show on Monday morning, his field marshal seemed to agree.

"I think he's frustrating," said Brady. "I mean, it weighs 270 pounds, so when they put a 190-pound player on him, every time there's contact, just by inertia, the defender is going to move, so you basically limit him to a contactless play and it's all about to beat someone, obviously those guys are much faster, Gronk tries to get as close as possible to use his size, but the referees throw him a lot of flags, he has tried to change his style of playing a little bit, but obviously they grab him and grab all day, then I would say it's very frustrating for him, you get these pbad interference calls and he keeps the whole game, and then he does not get a call, and I could see why he's very frustrated. everybody ".

Brady defended how the frustrations of his tight end came out in a negative way. Gronk got an unnecessary roughness penalty for his late hit, but he was not sent off.

"It's an emotional game, and all these are spontaneous things," Brady said. "They just happen, and we take care of the penalty, and they also have some penalties on the play, you always like to keep cool all the time, but you're in a sport where you try to run and block and attack and be physical and aggressive, and That's why people tune in. If it was a pillow fight, people would not tune in to watch. "

Does Brady believe that Gronkowski will be suspended?

"I hope not," he said. "I mean, I certainly hope not, yes, I hope not"

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