Tom Brady Sr. writes to Archie Manning about Eli’s bank


Archie Manning has received a great deal of support in the wake of his son Eli's banking from the New York Giants. One of the deepest notes came from an interesting source: Tom Brady Sr., father of the quarterback who was defeated by Eli in the only two Super Bowls he lost.

"He wrote me a beautiful message about what Eli meant to the Giants and the league," Manning told ESPN on Sunday. "Your email summarized the way Eli behaved during all his years with the Giants and how that kind of thing is important in our league at a time when maybe some of those things are coming down. us. "

It's been a grueling week for the Manning, who were stunned by Tuesday's news that Eli's regular season of 210 consecutive starts would end on Sunday at Oakland when the Giants opened with Geno Smith as Quarterback. Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that the consequences could contribute to the dismissal of Giants coach Ben McAdoo as early as Monday.

Archie Manning said that Eli was "simply crushed" by the degradation and that his son "became more emotional with each call of support" in recent days as quarterbacks and coaches.

That Eli is a two-time Super Bowl MVP at the expense of the New England Patriots, and the person most responsible for denying them a 19-0 season a decade ago, did not stop Tom Brady's father from approaching. Tom Sr. and Archie do not know each other well, but some have been reported over the years, as Manning's sons, Peyton and Eli, have faced the five-time champion in postseason games and Super Bowls.

"He really only met once at the San Francisco Super Bowl," Archie said, "where we finally sat down and had a cup of coffee together … Tom (Mr.) is a very nice man, a true Peyton and Tom (Jr.) have had a special relationship, they do not go on vacation and go on vacation, but they have been together in different things over the years, and they respect each other very much. "

Archie Manning also heard from Matthew Stafford's father, John, a lifelong friend, and dozens of members of the extended NFL family. "John and Tom (father) can put themselves in my place," said Manning, "like a dad going through the ups and downs of a son who plays field marshal."

Archie Manning and his wife, Olivia, were in New York on Sunday preparing for Peyton's induction on Tuesday night at the National Football Foundation's Hall of Fame. Archie and Olivia were planning to watch the game Giants-Raiders.

"And we're going to pull Geno," he said.

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