Tom Brady says he and Bill Belichick "always got along very well"

Tom Brady's relationship with Bill Belichick is fine and always has been, said the New England Patriots quarterback one day after advancing to another Super Bowl together.

Brady and his head coach shared an emotional hug on the field following the Patriots' 37-31 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game. The cameras in the field picked up Belichick saying "Love ya" to Brady, and Brady shared a similar comment with Belichick.

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In their weekly interview on WEEI's "Mut and Callahan Show" sports radio on Monday, they asked Brady about the exchange and whether it reflects how well the two are doing.

"We always get along very well," said Brady. "We have worked together for 19 years, so we have had the same goals in mind for 19 years, he has been a great mentor in my life, a great coach, he has taught me more than anyone about the game of soccer. to play here and play for him, he's the best coach of all time and we've had incredible moments together. "

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Tom Jackson and Keyshawn Johnson badyze what makes the Patriots such a successful franchise.

The two have met regularly on Tuesdays over the years, which is when Belichick has traditionally met with field marshals on the list to review several things.

Belichick and Brady advanced to the Super Bowl as a quarterback tandem for the ninth time, and the Patriots faced the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday, February 3, in Atlanta.

That's part of what caused Brady's emotions to overflow on Sunday.

"That was as emotional of a game as I think I've been, no doubt in a long time," he said in the radio interview. "All the things that happened during the course of the game, to have the chance to win there, like we did, and then remove it was just a great feeling.

"You play sports for many reasons, but something like that that happened last night was a game that we will all remember for the rest of our lives, emotions only take over at that moment, you're not thinking much, you're just sorry I felt very happy for our teammates and coaches and for our entire organization … our families, all those who support us, our fans, it was really a great, great victory, to beat a great football team on the road. in January, it's just an incredible feeling. "

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