Tom Brady leads NFL jersey sales after first weekend of 2020 season, fanatics improve

The NFL is back, and some of the league’s top players are leading jersey sales after the first weekend of the season.

Tom Brady was the pack’s leader in jersey sales as he made his Tampa Bay Buccaneer debut on Sunday. ESPN. Brady, in a loss to the New Orleans Saints, was 23-for-36 with 239 passing yards, two touchdown passes, a congested touchdown and two interceptions.


New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton, Kansas City head quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson and San Francisco 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa out of the top five in jersey sales on Fanitis, the NFL’s e-commerce partner

Fundamentalists CEO Michael Rubin tweeted that jersey sales skyrocketed in the opening weekend of last year.

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“Football is back !! Rubin wrote, “@fanatics NFL sales jumped more than 35% to open weekends at the end of last year, setting a record for the best start to the NFL season.”

Coming into Thursday night’s season as an opener, only 50 sales separated Brady and Newton.

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Brady and Bossa were the only two players in the top five in jersey sales to take the loss on Sunday. Brady and the Buccaneers lost to the Saints, 34-23. Bosa and the San Francisco 49ers lost 24–20 to the Arizona Cardinals.