Tom Brady equals big bets on the Bucs in 2020 in Tampa Bay

The betting public followed Tom Brady to the south.

Many bets have been placed on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to win the Super Bowl more than any other team in many US sportsbooks. The Bucs are 12–1 to win the Super Bowl in the Kaiser Sportsbook by William Hill.

In DraftKings, 22% of total money is on Buchener when he wins the Super Bowl. Tampa Bay has attracted twice as heads of defending champions Kansas City and three times more money than any other team.

FanDuel’s biggest liability in terms of odds to win the Super Bowl is also on the Buccaneers. “That’s four times the liability of any other team,” FanDuel Sportsbook director John Sheeran said.

Meanwhile, Brady’s former team, the New England Patriots, enter the season with 20–1 odds to win the Super Bowl – the Pats face the longest single season since 2002, according to Was lying. And his season win total has been set at 9.5 this year, the lowest since 2010.

“[The Patriots] They are not headaches that usually occur from the perspective of speculators. “Sheeran said.

As the NFL season is set to kick none this week, here is a comprehensive look at the action – the biggest and biggest bets, some notable stats and some tips for beginners.

Action report

• While the Buccaneers are the darling of the betting public, many bookies report the Bucs taking sharp money on a season-win basis. “There is definitely a split between the public and Sharp,” said Tom Gable, director of the sportsbook at Borgata in Atlantic City, NJ. “Sharp looks fading [Tampa Bay]. “The total cost of most sports books is 9.5, although there are some 10s.

• Additional season-win totals said bookmakers targeted: Bill Under 9; 49 Va under 10.5; More than 7 lions; Color under 9.5; Rams under 8.5; Over 4.5 Jaguars.

• Entering Week 1, the Jaguars had attracted the fewest bets to win the Super Bowl in the DraftKings.

• Borgata is regularly flooded with stakes on the Giants and Eagles. Yet a week before the season, the book found itself in an unusual position over its odds to win the NFC East. “We have more tickets on the Giants and Eagles than tickets written on the Cowboys,” Gable said. “This is highly unusual for Atlantic City.”

• As of Friday, Borgata would actually win money if the Eagles won the Super Bowl. “It’s very, very unusual the Eagles don’t have liability,” Gable said.

Betters are robbing the Jets at FanDuel in New Jersey, down 6.5 wins. “It’s surprising, because usually we see some local money in support of the Jets and veterans,” Sheeran said. “We saw the Giants’ money coming back, but I haven’t seen any money for the Jets. They are definitely robbing them.”

• As expected, the Raiders are receiving a lot of attention from bookies in Las Vegas. At Station Casino Sportsbooks, the hometown team has attracted the most bets to win the AFC, and has placed more than twice as many bets as any other team except the main bet to win the Super Bowl. “Raiders for our side of the counter this year may be similar in popularity to what we experienced with the Golden Knights [in] 1 year, “said Chuck Esposito, Sportsbook Director for Station Casinos,” My guess is that we can deal weekly against them from the business side, especially if they get off to a good start. “

• Washington raced to win Antonio Gibson’s Odds of the Year Offensive Rookie, which could be found above 175-1 during the offseason. Entering Week 1, Gibson was down 12-1 at FanDuel.

• Bingles rookie quarterback Joe Burrow of the Year is the favorite to win offensive rookie. He is +225 in DraftKings and has attracted 49% of the funds.

• Heads running Clyde Edwards-Hellaire (+375) have attracted the most bets and the most money, earning the most money to win the Official Rookie of the Year in PointBet.

Brady will be a Dalit man in the regular season for the first time since Week 2 of 2015, barring significant line movement this week. The Buccaneers started the week as a 3.5-point road underdog to the Saints. If the line holds, Brady’s favorite in 74 consecutive regular season games – a record many odds believe will never be topped – will end.

• Brady has seen his odds for improving the regular-season MVP of 30–1 to 16–1 in the Superbook at Westgate Las Vegas. Chief quarterback Patrick Mahomes is the favorite to win MVP at 7-2.

• The Buccaneers Tite and Rob Gronkowski are 25–1 to win the Comeback Player of the Year in the Super Book. Steelers quarterback Ben Rothlisberger is the favorite for the 4–1 award.

• Patriots quarterback Cam Newton is 40-1 to win MVP in Superbook.

• Circa Sports in Las Vegas is reported to have placed a “big” bet on the Buccaneers to win the most regular-season games in the league at 15–1 odds. The stipulation was large enough that Cirka Sportsbook manager Chris Bennett won at +825 to narrow Buka’s odds to get the biggest win. “Basically, we’re not trying to place any more bets on them,” Bennett said.

pay attention

• +220 to win $ 55,000 Defensive Rookie of the Year over Chase Young, placed in FanDuel in August.

$ 40,000 on the Cowboys to win the NFC East on money held in Borbetta. The Cowboys are now -110 favorites to win the division there.

The Chiefs would pay $ 25,000, placed in the Superbook at Westgate Las Vegas – $ 125,000 to win the Chiefs’ Bowl 5–1.

The Bengals will pay a net of $ 5,000 – $ 1.25 million – on the Bengals to acquire the No. 1 seed in the 250-1 AFC placed in the MGM Sportsbook at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

• $ 2,500 over 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garrappolo, 60-1 to win the regular season MVP, placed on the Superbook – will pay a net $ 150,000.

The $ 1,500 on the Bengals to win the Super Bowl at 100-1, placed at Indiana Grand Casino – will pay a net of $ 150,000.

$ 1,000 on the Chargers to win the Super Bowl at 51-1, with the DraftKings placed on March 17 – will pay a net of $ 51,000.

• $ 999 to win the Super Bowl from $ 1000 on the Washington football team, placed in the Superbook – will pay $ 299,700.

• $ 800 on the Lions to win the Super Bowl at 61-1, placed with the drafters on August 28 – will pay a net $ 48,800.

Note statistics

• Thirty-two games ended with a seven-point win margin last season, while a margin of three points in 27 games. It was the first regular season game since 1974, more than seven points set by three points, according to ESPN Stats and Information.

Last season was likely an anomaly. Since 2015, 14.6% of the regular season games have ended with a three-point win margin. The next most common margin of victory is seven points (9.9%), followed by six points (7.1%). Fourteen points and 10 points are next, with 5.8% and 4.7% in games respectively.

• Favorites have won 66% of games in the last five seasons (834-428-5). But last year’s favorites won only 64.9% of the games, the lowest percentage since 2015.

• Favorites have covered the spread in 48.8% of games (598-628-41) in the last five years.

• NFL games have averaged 45.6 points in the last five seasons. The average over / under games in the last five seasons were 45.3.

• There have been a total of 1,238 games in the last five seasons, and a total of 1,288.

• Teams with the best records against the home spread since 2010: Patriots (56-35-4), Vikings (47-31-3), Packers (50-33-3), Seahawks (49-35-2), Saints (47–37–1).

The teams with the worst record against the spread at home since 2010: Buccaneers (28-48-3), Brown (30-45-4), Chargers (31-46-1), Cowboys (33-48-2), Titans (31–44–5).


• House rules vary from sportsbook to sportsbook, but are postponed for more than a week after the original game date is set, or if the game is moved to a new location, pregame football. It is common to place bets. Some of the new operators in the US, such as FanDuel, are adopting a more liberal approach when the games are postponed or relocated. “We have spoken to the regulators of all the states that we work in and we want to be bet-friendly,” Sheeran said. “We are in agreement with the regulators that if a bettor wants to void a bet due to one of those factors, even if it is not a general rule, we will allow them to do that if they play. Arrive before it starts. ”

• Sportsbooks usually require a football game for at least 55 minutes to place a wager for action.

• The NFL requires teams to report players’ practice participation in the days leading up to the game. For example, for Sunday games, teams must participate in practice on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. According to the NFL personnel injury report, “All players who have reportable injuries must be listed on the practice report, regardless of whether the player participates in all of the practices, and even if the team is certain that it will be forthcoming.” Will play in the game. ” Policy.

• Here is an updated file of how the team is approached to allow fans at the stadium.

• Here are NFL roster rankings.

Tips for new beters

• Strange, you are not – and never will be – a professional sports speculator. People who make a living based on the results of their villagers have a minimal amount, so it is almost always best for sports betting as a recreational activity. However, there are techniques that savvy speculators say can help you, at the very least, maintain your bankroll for longer and ideally earn you a little money on the side.

• Risk only 2–5% of your bankroll on individual bets. If your bankroll is $ 1,000, you should bet no more than $ 20- $ 50 per wager. Your bet should be small enough to make you laugh about it when the inevitable bad call for a touchdown or the recovery of a fluke is an undesirable loss for you.

• If you are in a state with a legal sports betting market, sign up for several sportsbooks and shop to find the best point spread or odds on the team you want to wager on. A half-point here or there may seem insignificant, but it can turn a push into a win or a loss into a push, both of which are beneficial to your bankroll.

• If you find yourself overly emotional during a winning and losing roller coaster that sports betting offers, and risking more money than you need, it is time to calm down and reassure. If you feel you need assistance, a link to the National Council on Problem Gambling with state-by-state resources is available.

Good luck and keep the sports betting fun!

ESPN statistics and information researcher Alex Denner contributed to this article.