Tom and Jerry Trailer: Mortal Enemies Again

The mortal enemy and cartoon giants Tom and Jerry are set to make their big screen debut in 2021.

In Tom Jerry, The iconic cat and mouse live with live-action humans. Thought space Jam or who Framed Roger Rabbit, But it would appear from the first trailer – featuring cartoon pigeons and elephants with Tom and Jerry – that in this world, animals are all just animated creatures. The result is wacky cartoon hijinks and physical gags in a real-world setting, combining classic animation with live action.

Following Tom and Jerry’s part ways, Jerry arrives at a fancy hotel just before a super-important luxurious wedding show. The hotel manager (Michael Pena) finds out about his newly found mouse problem, and hires a new employee (Chloe Grace Moretz) to get rid of the mouse. She hires a cat, who is simply as Tom, and the contestants meet face to face again, resulting in what looks like a thousand face-smashing, electrocution, and a long falling-from-the-ground scene. gags. This is an age of cartoons that are mostly built around endless violent confrontations, but this time, with a minimal plot.

Tom and Jerry are set to premiere in theaters on March 5, 2021.

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