‘Tom and Jerry’, ‘Mortal Kombat’ and more release dates Move Post HBO Max Theatrical Plan – Deadline

Warner Bros. is doing a short massage for the 2021 release schedule. new line mortal Kombat, What I heard is not finished, running on 16 April 2021 instead of 15 January. Simon McQuiod would have used the feature adaptation video game directed to the Imax screen.

In response to the move, Warner is talking Done by Co-producer Lisa Joy’s sci-fi directorial debut Memoirs It is scheduled for April 16 date and another weekend in 2021. mortal KombatThe new date is two weeks after Easter.

Tim Story’s animated live-action hybrid Tom Jerry Will go on 5 February, slightly before 26 February 2021. We’ll see how the release schedule is set during the first quarter of 2021, but 26-28 is super busy right now with 20th-century studios Everyone is talking about Jamie, Paramount’s United States v. Billy Holiday, And universal None.

As previously announced by Warner Bros., they are opening all 2021 movies in theaters and their streaming service HBO Max (for a 30-day run) on the same date. We have yet to see what the big exhibitors will do with this new avant-garde plan, but it all starts with Wonder Woman 1984 On 25 December.

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