Token thinks that Mac Miller should win the 2019 Grammy for best rap album

September 7, 2018 was a sad day. The media was inundated with news about the pbadage of Mac Miller, and at that moment it seemed that everyone was affected by The sudden death of the 26 year old girl. star. In the weeks that followed, dozens of rappers showed love to the Pittsburgh spittoon that many of them grew up with …A tribute was celebrated in his honor. together with a chain of vigils in his hometown.

Around that time, the Boston rapper. Symbolic He was putting the finishing touches to his last album, Between somewhere, an LP that was partly inspired by Mac's previous albums. A few days before what would have been the Swimming 27th birthday of the rapper, Token sat down with XXL and discussed how shocking Mac's music was to him when he started creating his own.

"It inspired me to be really honest, really be honest," says Token. "Some of the things he says in Watching movies with the sound offHe's completely honest and it's like the ugly truth, even if it does not sound right. "

"What I most respected about him is that I felt he could have kept the route he was going through, the true poppy surface, not to dissuade that, but I felt that was not his goal, his goal," he continues. "Creatively doing what I wanted to do was his goal, and that inspires me", because that is what is important for me too ".

The day that Token premiered Between somewhere, he uploaded a photo of him and Mac Miller on Instagram, with the caption: "I would not have done this project without his work to admire … and he showed me that it's okay to be 100% honest and I. There's always room to grow and explore "

The two met a couple of years ago at the annual Splash in Germany! Festival. Once Token gathered the courage to walk towards Mac, they began to politically make music. It was a full circle moment for the "Tree house" The rapper, who tried to give Mac a CD of his with a note attached more than eight years ago.

"The note was how much his music meant to me and how much he inspired me," recalls Token, now 20 years old. done over time … it's as if it grew with us. When we were 12 years old and he was doing fun things, we enjoyed it. And when he was experimenting with drugs and different things, it was when they were doing the same shit. When he fell in love, it was when we fell in love. And the note just told him how much he inspired me and how much I wanted him to check my stuff. "

With Swimming-The Mac album released a month before his death-nominated in the category of Best Grammys Rap Album, Token feels that the project deserves the victory.

"I mean my two favorite records of that [category] are Mac and Travis, "says Token, who finally chose Swimming as your preferred project. "The album speaks to a lot of people and you did not even notice when it came out, but to see how many people have come out and how much that album means to them, I think that has really connected with your audience." and speaks to them more than the others. "

On February 10, parents of Mac Miller, Karen Meyers and Mark McCormick, He will attend the Grammy ceremony. in honor of his son. Mac is going up against Travis Scott, Cardi B, Nipsey Hussle and Pusha-T, all of which made innovative efforts in 2018.

Happy birthday mac Rest in power.

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