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Todd Monken will interview for the position of Packers offensive coordinator, by report


After losing the position of head coach of the Green Bay Packers, it seems that Todd Monken is still interested in working for the organization.

The former Tampa Bay offensive coordinator Buccaneers interviewed the team over the weekend, but lost the position when the Packers chose Matt LaFleur. Now, there is a possibility that Green Bay could attract both offensive minds that According to reports, they were at the top of their board of directors after the first set of interviews with head coaches..

According to ESPN's Jeremy Fowler, Monken will interview for the position of offensive coordinator of the Packers in the coming days. However, he is also said to have other online interviews with other teams for the same job, since Lions and Browns are on his itinerary.

The experience and success of Monken leading an offensive would be an excellent addition to the LaFleur staff. He put plays for 15 of the Buccaneers' 16 games in 2018, taking them to ninth place on the DVOA pass and third in total yards. However, he did not call plays during his first two years in Tampa, as coach Dirk Koetter did those duties; therefore, he would not necessarily be taking a significant step backwards by taking a coordinating position other than playing under LaFleur in Green Bay. In addition, his experience as a head coach at the university (in Southern Mississippi) could keep him in serious consideration for the principal coaching jobs in the coming years.

APC's Paul Noonan expanded Monken's offensive philosophy recently. It seems logical that his focus and focus on the explosive plays fit well with LaFleur, who also values ​​the collection of yard pieces at the same time. In addition, Monken is likely to bring some Air Coryell and Air Raid influences to the table, which could further diversify the West Coast system Shanahan style that LaFleur will implement.

If the Packers manage to hire Monken, the fans, and quarterback Aaron Rodgers, should rejoice. His presence would give the team a coordinator with a proven record of success in leading an NFL offense and put Rodgers on a path to a recovery season in 2019.

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