Today, September 14- Earth News, Firstpost by more detailed asteroids over two professional football fields

According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), a “potentially dangerous” asteroid is scheduled to pass on Earth on 14 September.

Known as the 2020 QL2, the asteroid is more than 30.48 cm (393 ft) in diameter which is wider with two professional American football fields. According to statistics This rock, given by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), is expected to fly at a speed of 38,624.256 kilometers per hour to our planet. The asteroid will come close to 6.7 million kilometers to Earth.

Known as the 2020 QL2, the asteroid is 393 feet in diameter with two professional American football fields wide. Image Credit: State Farm / Flickr

Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) with their enormous size and proximity, however, have no chance of killing our homeworld, the space agency assured. NASA defines a NEO as a space object The circumference of which is less than 1.3 astronomical units (au). Here, the perihelion is the point where the Earth is closest to the Sun.

Although comets may also be near Earth, NASA says that most NEOs are asteroids. On the other hand, potentially dangerous asteroids (PHAs) are those whose Earth’s minimum orbit difference distance (MOID) is 0.05 au (or 7.4 million kilometers) or less and is more than 460 feet in diameter.

This asteroid will pass through our planet about 15 days after another possible Dangerous asteroid named ‘2011 ES4’ Was swept away in our planet’s past. The space reef came close to 1.2 million kilometers from Earth and NASA said that it had come closest to an asteroid of its size in the coming ten years. The asteroid was 22 to 50 meters wide and passed by us on 1 September.