To renew ‘Total Sellout’ of Vatican Underground Church

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Vatican City ( – An official with the Holy See is reaffirming that the secret deal signed with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in September 2018 will be renewed.

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Cdl. Parolin, ABP. Celli and BP Sorondo

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Vatican Secretary of State, told On Monday, reporters said that Holy See and the atheist CCP are set to renew their agreement set to expire by October.

Parolin’s claim confirms the words of other prepositions such as Italian Archbishop Claudio Maria Celie and Argentine Bishop Marcello Sanchez Sorondo.

“The deal is an interim deal, which expires, as you said, in September of this year. We have to find a formula. We have to see what to do after this deadline. I think We should probably reaffirm it for one or two. Sal, “Celli, former Social Communications Council president, said On Italian television in June.

Celli, who played a role in negotiating the 2018 Vatican-China Accord, claimed that “the Catholic Church in China must be wholly Chinese, but there is no leeway to create a purely Catholic!”

Allegations of some $ 2 billion in annual payments from China to the Vatican have influenced the Vatican’s decisions

He continued:

On our journey, we all must be faithful to the gospel. It is not an easy path, but it seems to me that we have walked a respectable path while trying to understand each other… to see how to resolve the knots that still remain And leaves situations that leave indisputably [us] Much more than thoughtful – I would say worried. However, we should take it forward.

according to this Global Times, Sorondo, Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, confirmed the renovation in August, saying, “They are going to renew it, meaning the initial experience went well.”

gross salesChurch’s

In China, the CCP only officially recognizes Catholics who belong to the Chinese Patriotic Association (CPA), a communist-controlled arm of the state. Catholics loyal to the Holy See and not belonging to the CPA “underground church.”

Cardinal Joseph Zen, Bishop Emeritus of Hong Kong, told In February the Church Militant said that the Vatican’s handling of the underground church constitutes a “total sale”. One of the two surviving Chinese cardinals, Zen knows that there are no details of the renewal of the 2018 Vatican-China agreement.

Zen reported in the interview that “total sales” occurred in three stages.

Cdl. Joseph Zen explains how he feels the underground church in China is being abandoned

“The first step was that secret agreement [Vatican-China agreement reached in September 2018] For the selection of bishops, and then the legalization of the seven excommunicated bishops – asking legalized underground bishops to step down, “he said.” And then, that document came out last June – so-called immoral guidance encourages people to join. [Catholic] Patriotic Union. ”

In July 2019, it was asked if the harassment for the underground church increased after the Vatican-China deal of 2018, CDL. Jane answer, “Yes, it is obvious to anyone who follows the events on the news. It’s a really terrible thing; the most worrying element is that the agreement was a secret, so we don’t know what’s in the agreement . ”

The cardinal regretted how the deal caused confusion and increased harassment.

Harassment for the underground church increased following the 2018 Vatican-China deal.

“Therefore, when the government comes to say, ‘do this’ and ‘do it for our people’, they ask why they ask, ‘Did the Pope agree beforehand?’ Then people say, ‘We don’t know; we don’t know what the pope promised you – what he agreed to, “he said.

Zen explained that prior to an agreement, there was a kind of agreement on several points. For example, he said, underground churches can have church buildings and underground priests, even in cities, and can call the public faithful, even if the law is against it.

“But the authorities, for a long time, never implemented those laws,” he said. “Now, they enforce those laws. Therefore, it is very harsh harassment after the agreement; it is terrible.”

Jane vs paroline

Cardinal Zen further told the Church Militant in February that he had evidence to obey the CDL. Paroline is not a man of God. In July, Zen said, “[w]the pastoral directions’ [the third step in the “total sellout”] Cardinal Parolin dealt the last blow to the murder of the Church in China. ”

News report: Taunting Chinese Catholics

He said, “Paroline has single-handedly completed the trilogy of church assassination in China.”

In 2019, Parolin reported Global Times The Vatican-China agreement is bearing fruit. “For Pope Francis … the main interest in the ongoing dialogue is on a rustic level: He is building a great faith with the culture of the Chinese people and the millennials and their respect and hope for the millennium. Honest and positive response,” They said.

Since the Holy See will not appoint any more bishops to the underground, the community will die.

“For the future, it will certainly be important to deepen the subject, especially the relationship between ‘disambiguation’ and ‘sinification’, keeping in mind how the Chinese leadership would not undermine nature and doctrine Has been repeating its desire. Each religion, “Parolin claimed.

But the opposite is true for the faithful Catholic Church in China, according to CDL. Jane.

“Since no more bishops will be appointed at Holy Under Ground, the community will become natural dead, but the faith may survive in the ‘Catacombs’.”

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