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ViacomCBS is adding 70 TV series to CBS All Access on Thursday and will continue to move the show from Viacom’s cable network to the company’s flagship streaming service in the coming months before officially rebranding it in 2021.

According to ViacomCBS Chief Digital Officer Mark Debiz, the new name of CBS All Access will be chosen soon. ViacomCBS is changing the user interface of CBS All Access to find programming, so that new content can be discovered to include icons with older Viacom networks and icons such as Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and MTV.

The rebranded service will include rivals such as Disney’s Hulu and Disney +, NBCUniversal’s Peacock, and WarnerMedia’s HBO Max embracing streaming by traditional media companies. CBS All Access is already available on all major streaming platforms including Amazon Fire TV and Roku.

This is different from Peacock and HBO Max, which have been in long-term carriage disputes with both platforms, accounting for about 70% of the streaming market. ViacomCBS ‘service differs from competitors’ products by including every live sporting event broadcast on CBS, including National Football League games, and local news from CBS affiliates.

DeBevoise said in an interview that ViacomCBS would not change the service’s value, as it would be adding more than 10,000 episodes of the new show over the next six months. ViacomCBS will officially relaunch in early 2021 with 30,000 TV episodes and films from the company’s library, including movies from Paramount Pictures. CBS All Access is $ 5.99 per month with ads and $ 9.99 per month, although all live programming on the service includes advertisements.

“We’re adding new content, but we feel that differentiation for us really comes in live offerings,” DeBivez said.

Additional shows that will be immediately available from CBS All Access on Thursday include BET’s “Hollywood’s Real Husband,” MTV’s “Laguna Beach,” Nickelodeon’s “SpongeBob SquarePants” and Comedy Central’s “Chapel’s Show.”

No plans to license content

DeBevoise said that the company will rebuild the CBS-only application after switching content to CBS All Access. It will also keep Noggin, its preschool application, running due to its unique interactive functionality and access to games. Video content on Noggin, including popular Nickelodeon children’s programming such as “Dora the Explorer” and “Pav Patrol”, would eventually lead to rebranded All Access, DeBees said.

While ViacomCBS recently signed a deal to license some of its content to NBCUniversal’s Peacock, the company does not plan to purchase content from other media companies to integrate with its library. DeBevoise noted that ViacomCBS will have a larger catalog of 30,000 hours of content than Peacock (which advertises 20,000 hours) or HBO Max (10,000 hours).

“We were with CBS All Access, the average age of a user was around 43 or 44,” DeBevois said. “Now we’re expanding with children’s programming, family content, live components – it’s bigger and more diverse. We’re working across all our brands.”

The ViacomCBS service will also add new original programming in the coming months with “Star Trek: Discovery”, “Premier 15,” and “Kamp Coral,” season-three, a spinoff from “RPG Squarepants”, which focuses on 10 years. Is. Old sponges and their friends at summer camp. “Comp Coral” will begin in early 2021.

There will also be a special streaming destination of the newly branded CBS All Access “The Movie Movie: Sponge on the Run”, which will also be available in early 2021.

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