To launch Detroit-style pizza at Pizza Hut as its turnaround continues

Pizza Hut’s Detroit Double Pepperoni Pizza

pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is jumping on the Detroit-style pan pizza trend as it looks to continue its transformation in 2021, following last year’s strong sales growth.

Starting Tuesday, the Yum Brands chain will be selling four different types of Detroit-style pizzas for a limited time, with prices starting at $ 10.99.

The specialty of Detroit-style pizza is its rectangular shape, thick crust, side-by-side cheese and tomato sauce that covers cheese and other toppings. Pizza has been growing in popularity over the past decade as mixieganders opened pizzerias elsewhere in the US Little Caesars, privately owned and headquartered in Detroit, in 2013 was the first national pizza chain to take the trend to the public.

Buddy’s Pizza is credited with making the dish 75 years ago, using blue steel pans from local automotive factories. In 2018, CapitalSpring, a private equity firm specializing in restaurant brands and franchises, invested Buddy’s undisclosed amount to help cash in on the trend by expanding nationwide.

Pizza Hut US chief brand officer David Graves said, “Detroit-style pizza has the fastest growing trend. It’s no longer a Midwest thing.”

He said Pizza Hut customers expected the chain to hold on to the food trend and were asking for a Detroit-style pizza.

“I’ve never seen my franchise more excited for launch,” Graves said.

The chain spent over a year perfecting its own version and even made a new tomato sauce that would only be used on that type of pizza.

The Detroit double pepperoni has 80 slices of pepperoni, more than half of which is pepperoni. Double Cheese Pizza has two types of cheese, while the meaty deluxe comes with bacon, Italian sausage and cued pepperoni. The Supremo Pizza comes with green bell peppers, Italian sausage and red onions.

The launch comes in the form of a pizza category close to a year in demand stemming from the coronovirus epidemic. Pizza Hut and its rivals Domino’s Pizza and Papa John’s all reported same-store sales growth in the US during the second and third quarters of 2020. Particularly for Pizza Hut, the crisis has helped accelerate its transition to over-delivery and takeout sales and reduced. Dine-in customers

Yama’s shares remained largely flat in the previous year, giving it a market value of $ 31.8 billion. The company’s US locations have bounced back relatively quickly from the coronovirus epidemic, but its international restaurants have seen a slow recovery.


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