To join Tesla S&P 500, stock jumps over 9%

S&P Dow Jones Indis said Tesla Inc’s stock declined more than 9% after hours on Monday. It will add the electric-car manufacturer to the S&P 500 at the start of trading on 21 September.

Joining the benchmark index for US equities puts the stock in a portfolio of countless index-tracking funds, and several managed funds that will follow suit to balance their holdings.

The announcement was months after Tesla TSLA’s works,
GAAP reported several consecutive quarters of profits, although Tesla’s hopes other than S&P were also thwarted in September as some on Wall Street considered it a “done deal”.

The date of December 21 coincides with the SPX of the S&P 500,
+ 1.16%
S&P Dow Jones said the quarterly imbalance.

Also due to the size, the S&P Dow Jones Indis is seeking feedback from investors to determine whether Tesla should be added at one time or in two separate installments, it said.

Dan Ives, along with DanBuse, said in a note on Monday, “The inclusion in the cap is a major feather for Tesla bulls after not joining the S&P 500 in early September.” “We believe the eviction profitability trajectory in the September quarter was the final straw that Musk and company got in the S&P 500 at this time, despite the noise around the tax credits on the Street.”

S&P Indis said Tesla would replace an S&P 500 company, to be named later.

Tesla reported its fourth straight GAAP gain in July, which remained black in its second quarter despite epidemic-related factory closures.

It went on to report third-quarter profit as well, but index inclusion remained elusive.

Tesla shares have had this year’s quintup, closing more than 30 records for S&P with gains of around 12%. In late August the run prompted a 5 to 1 stock split.


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