TJ Oshie scores dunks, one-handed count after hanging Mike Matheson

TJ Oshie just added some fine frames to your highlight reel.

Falling head first into the Pittsburgh net, Oshie managed to throw the puck into the net.

It had shades of The goal.


Early in the third period, Oshie swayed around Penguins defender Mike Matheson. Without a clean chance to verify, Matheson spilled on Oshie. For a normal human, that’s the end of the play, but by invoking arcane brotherhood magic, Oshie was able to land a one-handed touch on the puck, enough to beat the Pens goalkeeper Tristan Jarry.

The Capitals called it “goal of the year” on Twitter.

They also split Osh’s account with the famous Ovi marker.

Good sir. This repetition.

That’s Oshie’s fifth goal of the season and his first to come in strong. Oshie now has 13 points from 18 games this season.

He will never score a better goal.

RMNB coverage of Caps vs Penguins

Screenshot courtesy of NBC Sports Washington

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