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Tito Ortiz, waiting for pay-per-view numbers, responds to White's tirade

Tito Ortiz has a message for Dana White: it's not about you.

After White talked about Ortiz's fight with Chuck Liddell, "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" went on Twitter to defend his recent offer (through Instagram).

Ortiz and Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya made the compensation a central part of last Saturday's fight buildup, which ended with a first round knockout for Ortiz.

White responded to De La Hoya's opinion that the UFC president should not tell a fighter when to retire, and told the retired boxer: "It's called friendship, you're a fool."

White went on to criticize Ortiz, who was once half of his client list as a fight manager before taking the reins in the UFC. A fiery white, out again, the two almost fought in an exhibition fight before fixing things and falling again.

"Tito says: 'Hey, they want to get paid, come to Golden Boy MMA,'" White said. "Hey, my brother, wait a couple of months until all this goes well, everybody's going to sue everyone in a couple of months, no money was made there."

In an interview on Monday with MMAjunkie, Ortiz estimated that last Saturday's event has already reached 200,000 pay-per-view purchases. While real purchase rates may take weeks to tabulate, he was optimistic.

With 400 text messages and 600 missed calls on his phone, he said, there was more interest than any of his fights under the Bellator banner.

"Because of the hatred I get, and of course, the support I get," he said. "This is more than I had when I fought Chael (Sonnen), and we made crazy numbers on free television with Chael, when I fought Stephan Bonnar, I quadrupled any of those guys."

"I'm not saying we even break 500,000," he added. "But we got closer to that, I would be very happy."

Ortiz said the highest payday of his career is still his second fight with Liddell at UFC 66, which he said generated a payday of $ 2.9 million. But that was under a different revenue sharing agreement; Under Golden Boy, he said he will divide the pay-per-view gains with Liddell.

"I would be pretty close (of my best payday)," Ortiz said. "For the pay per view that was earned, if we could make 1.3 million purchases, it would be a home run out of the park, forever.

"I'm grateful at the end of the day for being there to act like I did, and I could shut up Chuck and all the fans." I was able to enjoy the glory for the rest of my life, because I have always wanted that fight of redemption. I always wanted to have the opportunity to show that I am the best fighter when I am healthy. "

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