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Title change in ROH Final Battle

For the first time in Ring of Honor, Silas Young is a champion.

"The Last Real Man", accompanied by his friend Beer City Bruiser, captured the ROH World Television Championship on Friday night at ROH Final Battle. Kenny King, who entered the game as the title holder, came in second in the four-corner survival game, which guarantees a new champion. Shane Taylor and Punishment Martinez were also involved in the game.

King's defeat came to Young, who hit him on the head with a bottle of beer. Later, Young will also score Castigo Martinez to seal the victory. You can see an excerpt of our live coverage below.

Everyone hits a movement before the four stand up and exchange blows. Kenny hits a trampoline hit that sends Martinez out of the ring before Shane hits a DVD in the corner and a snap of the second tensor for a near fall. Kenny hits the Royal Flush before Martinez hits a corkscrew drop off a trampoline leg and catches Shane and eliminates him. Silas and Kenny take Martinez out and send him out of the ring before Silas hits the apron. Kenny and Silas double team with Martinez before hitting a power bomb on the floor.

They return to the ring and Kenny hits the Royal Flush with Martinez before Silas hits Kenny with a bottle of beer and eliminates it when Beer City Bruiser distracts the referee. Martinez hits a revolving kick in a Chokeslam for a close fall that BCB breaks by taking Silas out of the ring. Martinez hits a cap outside before Silas sends him to the railing and kneels him repeatedly on his injured ribs. Then they return to the ring and Silas hits Misery for the pin and victory.

Winner: Silas Young defeats Punishment Martinez for pinfall with Misery to become the new Ring of Honor Television champion.

In general, Kenny King's 80-day reign as reigning of the ROH World Television Championship is the fourth-shortest in the history of ROH.

You can see our live coverage of Final Battle in this link, as well as our podcast after the exhibition in this link. Fightful match ratings and podcast notes for the event will fall on Saturday morning.

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