Titans shut down facilities till Saturday

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The NFL made it through 48 regular season games without a serious COVID-19 issue. Now, the NFL has one.

The Titans have closed their facilities until Saturday, PFT has confirmed.

Apparently, they will be preparing for Sunday’s home game against the Steelers on Sunday. But the Titans will be unable to practice. Which raises real questions about whether they should be expected to play on Sunday or not.

A fairly easy schedule is set if the game is postponed. The Titans have a Week Seven buy, the Steelers play Ravens in Week Seven, and the Steelers and Ravens have a Week Eight buy. So the NFL can move the Veterans-Titans to Week Seven and the Steelers-Revs to Week Eight, with Week Seven coming to Baltimore.

The Steelers will be kept on the road for three straight games, though – in Tennessee, in Baltimore and in Dallas. Nevertheless, if the substitute titans are expected to play without practicing, this may be the most reasonable (or at least inappropriate) result.

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